iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera vs iPhone XS Camera Test Comparison!

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This is my iPhone 11 Pro Max vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test comparison. Should you upgrade to the new iPhone 11 Pro if you already have a Phone XS Max? New new iPhone 11 Pro Camera review is coming and also the iPhone 11 Pro Max review is in the works. Which camera do you like better? The results are shocking!

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Danny Winget says:

iPhone 11 Pro Camera vs iPhone XS Max Camera. Who won? Is it worth the upgrade? What do you think after watching?

IMNNO says:

@5:19 Why does the XS still have better dynamic range? 🤔

chris G says:

iPhone 11 Pros has the Best
Picture Quality and Video Quality on a Smartphone. Deep Fusion will be release for more great details.
Strongest Glass on a Smartphone base on many test by tech reviewers.
Best Display on a Smartphone as per DisplayMate and tech reviewers. Beat Samsung Note10.
Best battery efficiency Life on a Smartphone tested by tech reviewer and beat Huawei Mate 30 Pro.
iOS 13 is the most reliable, best implementation, Secured, and jam packed feature OS on a Smartphone always… compared to the Fragmented State of Android OS Distribution and installations.
A13 Bionic is the Fastest Chips on the Smartphone. Android cant even beat A12 on benchmark and real Life usage.

Jason Chin says:

Upgrading from X. Waiting 27th launch date

John Huynh says:

Your kids look biracial

DJJumpdancer says:

i will be upgrading from the iPhone X to the 11Pro

AJ Ramos says:

I want to see a comparison between oneplus 7 pro and iphone 11 pro, nice vid though!

The AllRounder Guy says:

Colours from both cameras look same, the difference comes in the detail and exposure

Shivana R says:

Upgrading from a 6 😬

Roderick Thomas says:

Definitely not worth it! NeuralCam on my XS gives me “night mode” and that’s the only new camera feature I want.

Avinash Kumar says:

can you compare with mate 30 pro please ??

Michele Testa says:

Is it worth changin' from X to 11 PRO?

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