iPhone 11 Pro In-Depth Review – It's All About the Camera

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Find one at Walmart: http://lon.tv/71j6 (affiliate link) – Apple’s newest flagship phone goes from 10 to 11 but the only big changes involve the camera system. Full index is below. See more smartphones: http://lon.tv/smartphones and subscribe ! http://lon.tv/s

Tutorial on the lack of home button from my iPhone X review:

Face ID overview from my iPhone X review:

01:38 – Hardware overview and comparison to other iPhones
02:45 – Display
03:48 – OLED vs. LCD / LED Displays on other iPhones
04:23 – Pricing
05:05 – AppleCare recommendation
06:14 – Weight
06:33 – Frosted Glass Back
06:51 – Wireless charging
06:59 – No USB-C lightning only but fast charges
07:46 – No headphone adapter cable
08:01 – Face ID
08:14 – Swiping vs. home button
08:33 – Battery Life
09:45 – CPU and 3DMark Slingshot Benchmark Test
11:02 – Processor performance gains underutilized by games
12:30 – Camera system overview
12:59 – Ultra Wide Lens
14:16 – Telephoto Lens
15:23 – Front camera
16:28 – Using camera features for photos
17:26 – Video mode
18:57 – Outside the frame editing / cropping
21:03 – Enabling outside the frame

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Roger F says:

I upgraded as you from the X to the 11Pro. The cameras and especially the night vision is phenomenal. The phone is faster with all apps and the faceID is super fast. The other main reason I upgraded is because my AppleCare+ will expire shortly. What is nice with the new phones is you can pay monthly for the AppleCare+ and it will extend beyond the normal 2 years. Having the ability to keep the warranty longer may influence my future upgrades. Also watch the drop test videos out there for the 11 and 11Pro. A drop even from 8 feet did not crack the screen or case. It is significantly stronger. In any event I have a case on it. Be advised the X case will not fit the 11Pro. They moved the side buttons ever so slightly downward.

Jack dN says:

How do you get the audio and video quality like its 1996 AD?

Kayleeだよぉ〜♡ says:

Fantastic, as always! One quick note about the video recording: you CAN switch between the lenses when recording in 4K 30fps, but not 4K 60fps. (This also works on the iPhone 11, although you can only switch between the wide & ultra-wide, or do a digital zoom in…)

I’d expect that next year’s models will support this at 4K/60. (Gotta have something new, right?! 😆)

Rc N gaming N Tech Dude says:

What I'm about to say Has nothing to do with me being a fan of one or the other it's just my opinion based off of what I see. Because I am a fan of both… You had said that most iphones won't see a difference because we are at a limitation With technology… That is somewhat true but there is a lot of features that could be added to Apple phones That android phones have that would actually be something that Apple users would want.. Some android devices allow you to use NFC for other things than just paying you can use it for transferring photos from cameras and other devices.. Samsung phones are now allowing you to charge your devices with the back of the phone. But there is a lot of other things that they could do but I don't see them ever doing because that means you would have to open the operating system and they're not going to do that like android… So that means if This is all Apple wants to do for IPhone users then yes this is all you're going to get and You won't see a change year after year but if they wanna move forward with features like you see on Android devices Then New devices may be different than the previous one as far as processor and memory that's a whole different ball game.. So no I don't believe Apple is at its limitation fully.. They just don't wanna go anywhere that makes them have to open the operating system like android At why because they wanna be the only people who make the phones.

Jari Ristiranta says:

CNET did a drop test.

OneManShow says:

The question I have is: Will there be a new form factor next year, or will it be the ‘S’ model of this form factor?

I’d also like to see an outdoors side by side screen test in bright sunlight. Is the screen more legible?

Dave the Tech Maineiac says:

So not worth it.

moumen sawady says:

good review. if this channel only reviews mobiles, laptops, tabs it will advance more.

Baris Kaya says:

Great actually in depth review. Got to see everything in detail without too much ‘hype’. Looking forward to seeing this new camera system in action on your extras channel ;).

I’ll be staying with my XS of course.

dsmliverpool says:

So their phone can be more expensive than their cheapest laptop. Guess they're cleaning up all the suckers before the next innovation.

SlideRSB says:

Am I the only one that's amazed at how there's a smooth zooming transition when changing lenses? How do they pull that off? It looks like it's all one single zoom lens.

xhacker says:

"Life-ending crack on your back"

I see what you did there

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