iPhone 11 pro camera review | iPhone 11 pro camera test

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Thomas Filius says:

wow they just keep on makig phones the camera is gud but its still the same ass phone 10 plus their copying samsung with the wheel soo…

0fficial Cheeto says:

You can make YouTube videos just off of this phone like i love it💚

Mental Inlander says:

Mirrorless level amezing

Harrysound says:

Wtf is this music

Mobi666 says:

that 6x zoom, that is digital right? Optical zoom is only 2x? I have an iPhone XS and only use the optical zoom, I hate digital zoom as when viewing video on a television digital zoom clearly shows. I us my iPhone all the time for filming, but some simple options should be allowed by apple, like locking the digital zoom so the zoom wheel only allows optical… Also, can we finally make 16/9 fotos instead of the oldfashioned 4/3 ratio??? I have to crop my pics afterwards which is very annoying and time consuming. Samsung & other brands have been giving us the 16/9 option for years. Why do I need 16/9? Well because when I add pics to my movies, I don't want to see 4/3 pics in between my 16/9 movies 🙁

ankit gangwar says:

Chal bosdi ka

BA3 VLOG says:

Please give I phone please iam Indian 16 year old pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

XFX Trader says:

It rapes other phones cameras

Fatma amtaf says:

I loved 💕

Squirret says:

i'm not the first
i'm not the last
but when you uplouds a video
i click fast🖤🔥

1993rufus says:

That zoom wheel looks familiar……oh yea, it what Samsung has had for a while now!!!

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