iPhone 11 Pro CAMERA Real World Review | from a PROFESSIONAL Photographer's Perspective

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This is a Real World Review of the NEW Apple iPhone 11 Pro Cameras. Now with a tri-lens setup, how does this phone/camera compare image quality wise to a “real” camera? I took the camera around Philadelphia to Independance Hall, the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia Musem of Art, a skate park and a Real DEAL CONCERT.

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All location video was captured with the iPhone 11 and a DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal. Video at my desk was capturing with Nikon Z6
After finishing the review it was reported that the ultra wide-angle lens may be fixed focused and NOT be able to shoot RAW any time soon.

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Jared Polin says:

I hope you guys enjoy this Real World Review seeing how the iPhone 11 Pro's camera worked in the hands of me. As a quick side note, it came out after the review was filmed that the ultra wide-angle lens may have it's focused locked in an may not be able to be unlocked to shoot RAW at this time.

None the less, this was a fun challenge and I think I was able to get some nice images.

Ricky Frost says:

Outstanding! 👍🏽👍🏽

Erik B says:

who the hell holds a phone like that hahahahaha

Eric Struble says:

I wonder if the release software (iOS 13.0) was used for this review? It would be interesting to know if some of the issues were corrected with the updated iOS (13.1).

Lee ZXun says:

you hold the phone like an idiot

Aladdin - Hz.media says:

I triple dog dare you to get your hands on the Xiaomi Mi Alpha and do a review on that 108mp cellphone camera

Tamon Yanagimoto says:

Great review! Thank you! On the concert photo with the orange back light – what were you camera settings in Lightroom?

Jonny EM. says:

I only regret that I have but one "Like" to give for this awesome, complete, honest, and professional coverage of the iPhone 11 Pro. What makes it especially meaningful is the past maligning of everything cell-phone you've done. You actually took this phone seriously for a day, and proved it can be a worthy instrument in the right hands. Good job, and kudos to Jared Polin on this classic piece of coverage which so completely covers a technologic marvel. – (First-time commenter)

Soumya Bhattacharya says:

loved the review, Jared 😀👍

Maven says:

The portrait mode photos on Blake look amazing. This is hands down the most high quality video on youtube concerning this phone and its photo capabilities. Bravo sir!

Matthew Kesterson says:

Why didn't you use the gimbal for photos as well? Fingers wouldn't have been an issue…


WoW! i just stumbled on here and i remember this guy I Shoot in the Raw …lol WoW! this must be i think early 2006 .. nice to see he still has that crazy hair

mekketabo says:

Pls try the Huawei P30 Pro

Gary Parris says:

iPhone people are going ecstatic, android users hold my drink! really…who cares about Crapple!

Shiladitya Mallick says:

A ’pro' camera without a pro mode, without the ability to shoot raw… incredible!

LARRY D says:

Hey Jared is that photography program you’re using standard on the 11 because I have the iPhone sx. This program does not have any options for multi island use so I use a different program

LEXPIX says:

Good stuff Jared. Loved the photographer's impression of the iPhone, which I got it for primarily for its cameras.

Simone Pusceddu says:

Fingers! Fingers everywhere 😂

Baptiste Landrodie says:

What smartphones have compared to real cameras is their incredible AI working on autofocus, portrait mode or nightmode, if hybrid could benefits of the same AI as the Iphone, Google Pixel, or other company system, it would be so nice.

Seth K Johnson says:

The photo of the guitarist is a “Rolling Stone” photograph Its awesome

GasMY says:

In the end they just look like iPhone pictures. Nothing crazy

Guermeister Doodlebug says:

I think if you said you were reviewing a new phone by Upple, or Opple, or Ipple, many of these snarky folks would have been okay with it. But, with the big “A” they were locked and loaded from the outset. Kids!

Ariozo says:

Got the 11 Pro Max and compare to my xs max the Camera is the upgrade, and like always it's solid on iPhone. Pixel 4 if Google not fail big time will be better I guess tho..😀

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