iPhone 11 Pro Camera – Photographer's Review in Banff National Park

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All iPhone 11 Pro Photos were processed in VSCO, app found here : https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vsco-photo-video-editor/id588013838

click HERE to view a link to all of the RAW images : https://shwca.se/banffiPhone11Pro

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Brandon Souba says:

Dude this is incredible. I hate other gear reviews show crap photo examples – you really show the capabilities of the phone with high quality photos.

Dejenny Pilipovic says:

Easily by far the best photography review on the iPhon 11 Pro, those photos look amazing!! What are you using to edit them??

Kaiwan Shaban says:

Awesome video bro!!

Rae Bulatao says:

dude. your eye for what to capture is INSANE! so unbelievable 😍

quick question! i see that you’ve attached a link to those photos. can i have permission to download them to mess around in lightroom and potentionally post one on my story? i’ll credit you, of course! im just really interested in playing with editing with YOUR photos.

thank you sam! you’re such an inspiration to many, most especially to me! 🙌🏽

Jonas Barakat says:

The RAW actually looks terrible. One lossless image simply can’t compete with 9 images with different exposures put into 1. It’s actually incredible how little dynamic range 1 single unprocessed image has. You’d really need to have a super specific use case to justify shooting heif+raw.

sijil o says:

The wide angle is quite interesting

SamBevo says:

Unbelievable! That wide angle portrait mode is breathtaking

Mzio says:

Are you using an Iphone 11 pro or an iphone 11 pro max? What brand is the Case?

Mark Appleyard says:

Can the regular iPhone 11 do wide portrait mode?

Kirsten L. says:

@Samuel Elkins would you please do me a favor and check out my Instagram if you haven’t already. I’m trying to get started as a Fine Art photographer I live near the Atlanta area. It’s photographyby_kirsten. -Thanks

Magdiel Bishop says:

I'm an Android fan but these pictures look AMAZING.

Kirsten L. says:

You are amazing! I would like a new Apple phone with a nicer camera to take higher quality photos myself. The iPhone 11 pro sounds cool.I’m actually planning on saving my money for the iPhone 12 which is supposed to come out next year. It is said to have a telephoto lens.Hopefully I can trade in my iPhone 7 for that phone. If not I might just get a different phone idk.

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