iPhone 11 Pro Camera — A photographer's review

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iPhone 11 Pro Max camera review for photography — shot in Japan
Native camera app photos, edited with: http://allam.co/presets
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Disclaimer: Apple have loaned me the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but have no editorial control over this content.

My thoughts and experiences with the new iPhone 11 Pro Max camera for photography! I’ve had a pre-release version of the iPhone 11 whilst out in Japan and have been putting it through its paces on various photography modes. I’ve been loving the variety of shots available using the three focal lengths and improvements to the shooting interface, mimicking that of a rangefinder camera, such as my Fujifilm X100F OVF.

For the most part, it’s been incremental improvements and updates throughout the hardware for an overall positive experience. Unfortunately, there are still a few negatives that continue to remain on iOS disappointingly.

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Arol Asy says:

i shoot with my nikon dslr

nikol_oza says:

did you try huawei p30 pro ?
ever ? try this phone and after say apple did some new 😉

apple copy paste from other phones that's all 🙂

Sor Rakchat says:


RamzanB0RZ says:

Надеялся увидеть здесь как снимает новый айфон, а не твою петушинную голову

The K INC says:

I like the video cause your in Japan. I’ve never been their but I do plan on going and it’s perfect for unique pictures everywhere you look

PR Gamer says:

is it a big improvement over iPhone 5s? just order my iPhone 11 pro max!

Inal Bjk says:

im in love with your eyes dude i literally got drawn in them 😍 and pretty cool visuals, great review. Thank you buddy

Sam Chiu says:

Is there a degradation in performance of any kind by disabling the setting (of not seeing the ultra wide len / preview)?

Ziplock Bag says:

okay this review was beyond amazing but i cannot get over your EYES they're so pretty wtf

AugmentedGravity says:

i would say it's more than incremental

Gary White says:

Simply swipe left on the home screen to access the camera app. It’s much quicker than pressing the camera icon.

The Surferjo show says:

am big in to pics & videos my phone store knows nothing of these phones 🙁 so am looking on here.Old videos from cell leaves black space on both sides of video 🙁 4K video 🙂 my GOPRO has it.

Daniel Boldy says:

My 11 max is taking 1-2 weeks to come because apparently there’s a shortage of them in the uk according to Vodafone which is annoying

ZER FLY says:

i still love my iphone 7 lolz

Jie Shoji says:

Did you buy that iPhone in Japan?
How do you turn the shutter sound off?
Thanks anyway.

Clive Eariss says:

Great video as always mate, the phone looks great, and thanks for all the detail, at the moment think I will stick with my camera, always
great to see your work, I got some great photos in Thailand, as for the videos, well they will take a little while, my computer is so slow,
but will upgrade really soon, say hello to Elly, all the best my friend.

MidwinterEclipse says:

A photographer's review or a photographer's thought?

Nerd Of Steel says:

I am also a photographer and I love shooting with my Sony mirrorless camera but I am also a Apple fan and I’m interested in shooting with this phone

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