Iphone 11 Camera Review!

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Iphone 11 camera quality and features review!
Testing out night mode, wide lense, portrait mode, selfie quality, video stabiliser and more!

Iphone 11 vs iPhone XS and Samsung Note 10+

Join me on a quick journey of a day in my life in Singapore to test out the purple iPhone 11 camera!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/naomi.huth/


Marilyn Maroun says:

I want an iPhone 11 😭

Milly says:

yeah i definitely need one 😍

Albin biju Biju says:

I want to marry you and kiss you

MarLa Salagantin says:

Can't wait mine Iphone 11 purple 128gb 😌😌

LA Perfecto says:

Your voice makes me understand and love iphone 11.. 😁

PRI& TAM says:

Iphone 11 white or iphone 11 pro max gold
Help me please ☝

MIck Chotsawang says:

U r so beautiful!!☺️

말Mar says:

this is so beautiful!!!
i ordered my iphone11 this morning and i'll get it in two days, i can't wait to get it since i'm upgrading from the iphone6 that i had for 5 years 😍

Michi Network says:

Awsam… 😍

Gigo Kim says:

Guys I will buy an iPhone 11 is it that good?

erika shyne costwell says:

I just got iphone11 in purple too…..
Itssss amazinggg luv it💜

DarkLegend Gaming says:

I just wished that iphone 11 has the gold color >.<

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