Introducing the Canon EOS M-Series

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This video highlights Canon’s EOS M Series models, including the EOS M10, EOS M6, and EOS M5. While these cameras are functionally similar to DSLRs, they are smaller, more compact models, with a mirrorless design, and full lens interchangeability.





I want to be a photographer…but
….. 😔

D Sagar says:

Only reason I have kept the M series is because of the 22mm lens
Insanely sharp and capable wide open @ f2.

Otherwise I sold all my other canon gear for Fujifilm,
The original M and 22mm is without a doubt worth keeping in my opinion.

Ammad kazmi says:

Pathetic battery life of all M-line up. Specially m-5. I’m a canon user but in mirrorless line Sony Panasonic rocks

Avinash Nagarale says:

Can we put the lenses in air tight metal container like wrist watch box????

I'm feeling lucky, punk says:

You're just recycling video clips to all your promotional vids..we keep watching it over & over again which is lame.

Micah Medema says:

That is one cool camera

Phantom Warrior says:

canon took way too long to join mirrorless with viewfinder.

Ysai Loren Ocampo says:

Can the tokina 11-16 mm f2.8 is a match in the body of M6?

Dhruv Sabharwal says:

useless piece of garbage if u want a mirrorless u have to go for a sony, if ur buying a canon u need something like the 5D mark IV

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