Intrepid mk3 4×5 Camera Review

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After more than a year using the mk2 version of the Intrepid, I recently picked up the new mk3 version. Many people have been curious about the new camera so I wanted to put a video together showing the features. I HIGHLY recommend that you read my written review here as I was able to go into greater details on some topics:×5-mk3-field-test-and-review

See my review on the mk2 Intrepid here:


jerry gluejunky says:

Fresnel should always be closest to the lens. it does not matter which way the groves are facing. graflex put it both ways for decades 🙂

Konstantin Fed says:

Very impressive images. And it is one of the best camera reviews I ever seen. Much more helpful than on Intrepid site :).

James Lane says:

Hi Alex, I was wondering if you could help me petition Intrepid to upgrade their 4×5 to allow the rear standard to be able to be moved forwards when needs be so wider lenses can be used. Some of us like to use MF backs on 4×5 cameras!

Monty Craig says:

Can you tell me, what tripod/head combo are you using for this camera? I am about to buy the Mk4 4×5, and want to make sure my sticks can hold it up.

Monty Craig says:

Where can I get a shirt like that?

Jordan Ezell says:

Do flashbulbs speed up the development of the pictures

Saravana Bharathi S B says:

Alex! Please review the Intrepid Mark 4 soon! Eagerly waiting.

Karlis Vitols says:

what tripod fits for 4×5 camera?
what to look after for choosing one?

Martin Cutrone says:

Beautiful images, Alex. Saw a video recently from a photographer in the UK with the new Mark 4, and looks like some unfortunate changes were made. Seemed to be much more play in the rotating back, no more magnets. Hope they fix that.

Charlie Brown says:

Which side of the fresnel goes against the ground glass? Love the review, helped me decide. My mk3 arrived last week.

Larry Hayes says:

My 45 Crown Graphic has what Kodak called an Extalite lens installed on the lens side.

David M says:

Why do people buy these intrepids? Quality is not that great, you can buy a used or mint Shen Hao for just a little bit more than a new intrepid and it's a 1000x better camera. Oh well.

Martin Tran says:

I wish they kept the circular knob. It's no much quicker to screw down.

Jay Yoon says:

BRAVO. Thank you for that great review and pictures.

mamiyapress says:

Beautiful images Mr. deBúrca, I would like to see more.

Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures says:

Oh my that is a nice looking camera.. I bet it is a lot lighter than my old Calumet CC400 of which is really getting to heavy for me but it sure is a tough camera that has done 1000s of kilometers and a lot of that off road while others have not lasted a single trip…. Actually been shooting more 6×9 MF lately though…. Great stuff Alex and you got your self another sub.

Andrew Ignatenko says:

Nice t-shirt 🙂

Rock Music Blog says:

Beautiful photos at the end there! Useful video too, thanks!

Tyler Longfellow says:

Great video Alex!

Alan Brock Images says:

"I put the fresnel on the lens side of the ground glass."

THANK YOU!!! I got blasted for doing a video about that and how all of my images would be out of focus. Never once have I had focus issues.

Michael Strickland says:

Nice work Baby Ben! Smaller camera, smaller person, same sized hat….where are the kittens?

Ryan McGinty says:

I modified mine to have 4 holes for the front standard. Now I can use 65mm, 58mm with recessed and when adding a panoramic back I can focus with a 90mm. Before a 90mm with pano back couldn’t be focused to infinity. I just wish they didn’t hollow out the focusing board. It causes to much flex and sag when using 300mm. Only other critique is a change in bellow folding so they don’t bind as much when using wide angle or normal lens rise. Loss of image can happen from bellows not moving with the front standard.

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