Instant Film Comparison

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George went to visit the Serpentine Gallery to test out a variety of instant films such as Impossible Project, Instax and FP100c.

Cameras we shot:

Impossible I-1, Instantflex TL70 2.0, Lomo Instant Wide, Polaroid 170 Land Camera.

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Video recorded on Sony A7Rii

Music by fs&hg:

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Cinematography: Li0nsmane –


Capone kingpin King says:

This guy bob Ross level

Sergio Schroder says:

Too big a difference between your voice and “background” music, which Is annoying! Can’t hear what you’re saying. Love the channel though! 👍🏻

Andrea A says:

I still rewatch this from time to time. This was the first video I saw by NegativeFeedback and I love it. It is just so calm and peaceful. It always makes me want to take more pictures!

MonteOlympus says:

Yo he tirado con todas y la calidad de la FP-100c es increíble, o mejor dicho, era increíble. Superaba a cualquier otra película instantánea actual. Cuando me entere que Fuji dejaba de fabricarlas me sentó como una patada en las pelotas. Aquello fue como una traición a los consumidores y al mundo de la fotografía en general. No se lo perdonaré nunca a Fuji.

jesikebiking says:

Being a Wedding Photographer back in the 80's I used a Polaroid EE 100 (like the 195 but not as good ) Is the Fuji FP 100C
the pull apart film for the 195 ?

psykx says:

The impossible film (now polaroid originals) has got much better, I highly recommend trying it again.

MarcelH says:

4:22 My god how I love the FP100C images! If only the Instax Wide had that kind of quality… But I love my Fuji Wide anyway.

Do you prefer the Fuji Wide 300 oder the Lomo'Instant Wide? I already own a Fuji Wide 300 & Fuji SQ6 but I'm thinking about getting the Lomo Wide also.

Joana Agostinho says:

Great video!

Joana Agostinho says:

Great pictures!

Lizzie Beth says:

Lomography cameras always leave that light leak ring on photos. They really should work on fixing that. The Instax Wide 300 Camera doesn't do that, thank God. Even with my Lomography Glass camera, it still leaves those rings. This is why I've vowed to never buy another Lomography camera ever again…..over priced, rings in the picture and such a waste of film and waste of money.

Lizzie Beth says:

I just can't get enough of this short video. I wish you could teach me everything you know. By the way, I accidentally unsubscribed trying to figure out how to get your video alerts because I wasn't receiving them but things are back on track.

Hannah Bessinger says:

U would be a lot hotter without a bowl cut but ur still cute either way

thecolorofdye says:

music is annoying

fleuria says:

the colours are so lovely on all of the film

I_SavedLatin says:

The Polaroid 195 is in its own league. It was almost an unfair comparison because the 195 is now a $600+ camera and all the others are under $200. That being said, the 195 is rad. Maybe should have used a 100 or 250 though. I just wish Fujifilm would sell the equipment and everything to Polaroid Originals/impossible so they can continue making the peal apart film. $2.50 a shot is killing me!

neil piper says:

shame they didn't make the tlr in square format

Rey Antano says:

I see a stein

Yoshiyuki says:

Would be nice to see the review of Leica Sofort!

Lauren says:

I really loved everything about this video from the music choice, cinematography, to the editing and photography shots. I was so amazed lol, new subscriber.

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