Insta360 OneX Unboxing and Review

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Insta360 has taken a huge leap in the 360 space. The latest Flagship Insta360 OneX has amazing new features and stabilization. In this video, I unbox the latest Insta360 OneX 360 camera and discuss ways I plan on using it in my workflow and videos. Also, I test out new bullet time and hyper lapse features.

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Alan McKean says:

I hope your table has a soft or rubberized surface. I wouldn't put the camera directly on a table for fear of scratching the lens.

Ogawa小川 says:

I saw someone putting this camera on the drone but still can fly…..
Putting a little toy on the drone, ended up the video was so cool

Roland Med. says:

Great vid. (your mic. shutting Up & Down) …(do Not use Insta360 wifi with the drone & oldTech 💩phone) (You can bay battery charger) (use hiTech phone not the Apple for Kids phone if you want strong wifi and GPS)

elevengiant says:

Do u have to buy the handle + selfie stick separately?

iblackfeathers says:

if you do a followup video on this, is there a way to turn off wifi and bluetooth? + put it at the bottom of the drone. if that works, then eliminate one variable at a time to get to the root cause of the interference. maybe it's a combination of things or one thing in particular. if all else fails, what about just local flying without gps? if the dji app restricts that then maybe a 3rd party app would allow it? thanks.

Salgado Projects says:

Thanks for the informative video. Can you tell me if the Insta360 ONE X has an option that will auto correct the angle so that if it is slightly crooked (non level ground) it will auto correct that? A few cameras such as the samsung gear 360 has that option and I've found it very useful when working on rougher terrains. Thanks in advance!

tricepilot says:

Best review of the Insta360 One X comes from a drone channel!

Did you edit the 360 video on the phone or another workflow?

luke williams says:

When you play back the footage on your iPhone and make movements to the shot, do you have to ‘live record’ it out at the same time as making the movements, or does it remember them, and then you just hit video export at the end ?

Joe Simpson says:

Nice review thx!

Quailfpv says:

I am thankful for you and sharing this video. xD
I was curious about this and was looking to buy.
(Thanksgiving today so its fitting)
Hope you had a great day. Cheers.

Michael Rachal says:

Maybe try tuning off the wifi on the Insta360?

Soporte Tecnico says:

take photod in 360 for facebook and instagram?

Viskione says:

Hello, could you tell me the recording times? thank you

Luca Galletta says:

This kind of cameras are the future but the quality of the video is very low…. 5,7k but the videos don't look so good.

Chuck Ostrom says:

Did you ever discover a way to fly the x on the drone?

Bishal Sarmah says:

Have you tried turning off the wifi of the 360 cam and run on that drone?
Maybe the camera's wifi is interfering with the drone gps.

RIDE w/ PRIDE says:

Wow 400 bucks ? Thats a lot. I will wait for the price to come down due to competition 🙂
Or maybe I will first buy the Mavic Air.
Again another great product review

Enrico Suria says:

Are the lens protected by gorilla glass type?

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