Insta360 One R Unboxing & Overview

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Insta360 One R:
Today Insta360 announced their new adaptive action camera called the Insta360 One R. This new camera is modular and can easily transform from a traditional 360 camera to a 4k action camera with the interchangeable mod’s. They even have a 1″ camera mod making this the first action camera with a 1″ sensor. In this video, we take a look at the hardware and see how everything works. Stay tuned for demonstrations, comparisons, and a full review. There are many new accessories available including a drone mount allowing you to get interesting footage.

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Chris Riley Music Drone Videos says:

i can see it now. strapped to my acro quad and off we go until i crash and it breaks apart and it goes in 3 different directions. ill be searching for all the Pisces for hours ! LOL NO THANKS !

Earmarked Audio says:

Can you use only the lens for like fpv droning

Gung Krisna says:

"1st action camera with 1 inch sensor"
Sony RX0: am i a joke to you?

David Ferrer says:

The modular aspect of this is joke. Nothing modular about it.

ash b says:

be good to see same photos video samples when app ready .

Jakob says:

lol did you just edit it there and then even with a camuflaged sentence like "it is as simple as this" 4:34 if you need to edit out your fumbling then it perhaps aint the right place to use sentences like "it is as easy as this"..
yep it surely do like you edit out some frames at 4:36 and likely some fumbling.

vatsal pandya says:

Ur blood group o+ ve

youbookmind impact says:

Interesting… looking my Max 😐🙄😣😥

SeenCreaTive says:

I actually really love this idea. I'm not usually a fan of "modular" electronics (other than PCs obviously) but this seems like one that would actually work. The 1" sensor is fire.

CloudBook Schenn says:

If you really care about your privacy, never buy any Chinese products.

Jackie Killoran says:

I have an older iPhone which doesn’t meet the requirements to use the new software for the one r. Would I be able to use my iPad Pro? I really want to get this camera but if I need a newer cell phone to do any processing I won’t be able to get it just now 😖.

Ron Brown says:

Very interesting new product, it seems great in concept, but I wonder how practical it is the field. But a one inch sensor on an action camera does sound wonderful. Great unboxing, and I can't wait for you to post more video's on this product.

Dirt Pool says:

i want this!

Cedric says:

if it can attach both camera modes, we can get both 360 and 4k

Dean Caulkins says:

Ah…more china hardware so as to link your digital footprint to the PLA. And pay for the privilege.

Arman Fatahi says:

I thing you should buy an insta360 one x for 360 and a GoPro for wide angle. Easier to handle. This one may have problem with the selfie stick, because if the camera bends to the side a little, the selfie won't be invisible anymore.

Denys Zharkov says:

Where is the video from this camera? Why didn’t you take it off? Would be the first! Suspicious product.

Morgisbord Media says:

Keep up the good work. Can you tell me if there is a video recording limit on the One R and how much continuous static 40k 60 footage can I shoot on one standard battery? Many thanks. Morgan

ahmad nafik mundzir says:

Look so interest…

The Sounds of Solitude says:

Can´t wait to see the 1 inch sensor, if the stabilization is as good as the Gopro Hero 8 im buying one in an instant

Bob C says:

It appears to be a well designed camera, but I am concerned about how well those tiny contacts on each module will conduct the signals after the modules are plugged in and out a number of times. From my experience, tiny contact pins in the connectors of any device aren't very reliable after months of use. They tend to wear out and bend easily causing them to make intermittent contact. That's the only issue I have right now. Otherwise, it might be the action camera I could have some fun with. I passed up the GoPro Hero 8 because of the lack of removable lens cover and that wobbly finger connector at the bottom. Anyway thanks for a first look at the soon to be released Insta360 One R. I look forward to your full review if and when you decide to do that. Cheers 👍😊

Porcy egy bohóc élete says:

Its look like when you young and opened it Kinder egg

Sysrq AQforums says:

In your face, GoPro

jerjerjerjerjerjerje says:

Physically ill at 2:46 when he grabs the mod by the lens.

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