Infrared Camera Comparison- 6 IR Cameras Reviewed from $250 to $25K

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Corbett breaks down the pros, cons, and best uses for six infrared thermal cameras: Flir ONE, C2, and MR160, ThermApp, Fluke TiR110, and Flir T660.
All of these can be seen at


Jeff Harrod says:

Like the review. First question; just what is it the you do? Building inspector? Second, you mentioned that the Fluke tir 110 is the “one” to have and your favorite…it’s been discounted. They don’t make it anymore. So what is the replacement now? Thanks for making a great video comparison.

James Osborne says:

Great show !

David D says:

Here's the episode of Obsessed Garage he referenced at 13:40 It's cool to see him at work!

David D says:

Just wow! You are well spoken and clearly know what you're talking about! Great info.

Anderson Tyler says:


Christine Noelle Caberto says:

Is there a FLIR model that’s designed for checking human body temperature? And what are the health hazards when you use those industrial equipment to humans?

Christine Noelle Caberto says:

Can you use those for humans?

Ashton Hartley says:

Thanks for showing these, have you seen the CAT S60 smartphone?

Red Phoenix says:

@4:55 Right, it is only expensive but affordable for a Pro infrared cam. 😀

Beau Eads says:

can any of these see inside the earth underground and measure the reflectivity/reflectance of objects inside the earth??

Fran Kaspe says:

Great video. Thumbs up.
I have a few questions that maybe you can answer.

Which cameras are recommended for the following scenarios?
I'm looking to purchase just one camera that hopefully does all these scenarios:

1. energy audit – finding doors, windows, and ceiling areas that are leaking energy and need more insulation.

2. moisture and mildew damage in walls – had water flooding in the basement. Despite most of the drywall being removed, not all was. I noticed mildew/mold in some areas.
Can a camera show me how high, on the wall, mildew actually might still exist? (and If more drywall needs removing).

3. locating unwanted attic/crawlspaces wildlife (squirrels, raccoons, opossums) .
I watched a few youtube videos about pest removal. Getting the WHOLE LITTER is important.
The last thing you want is to remove a mother and not find/remove ALL of her litter of offspring.

IR cameras would be beneficial, I would think, in locating wildlife in one's own attic/crawlspace.

3a. I assumed an extra telephoto lens might be needed if the attic is large.

4. Can you recommend any INEXPENSIVE self-study courses that have a valid INDUSTRY certification?
All I have found were LIVE courses costing like $2K and up, with certification provided by the vendor themselves.

Richard Garey says:

Could you recommend a company in NYC that can provide thermal and moisture inspections?

Ummy Horse says:

One of the RARE decent men

brian wasieleski says:

Seek Thermal Compact Pro has 320×240 thermal sensor, and the newest version is 15hz model LQ-aaax I’m sure I’m also missing some additional information but this device works off your phone also and has been a great addition to my arsenal. Goes for around 500.00 US dollars.

Roy Tucker says:

Great job, fab detailed description and guidance. Thank You.

sarcasmo57 says:

Can you do one that costs more than $25,000? I'm way too rich.

Llewellyn Patrick says:

That was 18 minutes well spent. Many thanks.

oidodsonido sonido says:

So what do you do? Are you a home inspector

David Ujcic says:

How are these different to the webcam mod where ir block filter is removed.

RED says:

Why would you carry an ifrared camera with you 24 hours a day ? You would need to slept with it

Koijam Roshan Meitei says:

Bamboo mat chilling testing

Applecake says:

The caterpillar phones have thermal in them also CAT phones are cheaper also, have a look for cat thermal phone lots of different models

Savitr Rakatamatah says:

Get another phone but keep your old one too.

Kharisma says:

Hey, I love the quote about "The best camera is the one you have with you" because I know that quote well- it is by famous photographer Chase Jarvis, who is a him, not a her.


25000 wtf???

Maria Geron says:

HELLO Im from mexico estate hidalgo near to mexico city almost an hour of mexico city. I got one, model is P640 FLYR SYSTEM but the problem is have not the charger of the battery do you know where i can get it. my mai is [email protected] thank you.

Alberts Kviesis says:

where is Testo thermal camera model 882? 240×320 with s-resolution of 480×640?

diggy dice says:

Interesting to see the comparisons & sounds like it's, "Application/application/application" ? No, I'm not in need of
this type of equipment & the only time I see it is from helicopters looking for suspects? peace

Gerben Wijnja says:

Nowadays these cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper. That $250 FLIR ONE and that $700 FLIR C2 both have a thermal resolution of only 80×60 pixels. Sure they enhance the image by overlaying the edges of the regular camera (which is useless in the dark), but the thermal image behind the edges is still blurry. There are interesting alternatives, like the $700 Seek Thermal Reveal Pro or the $500 Hti HT-19 both with a thermal resolution of 320×240 pixels. That's even a lot sharper than that $5000 Fluke TiR110 (160×120!). Sure you won't get the ruggedness of a real Fluke, but the difference in resolution and price is huge. If I had only $250 to spend, I would buy a Seek Thermal Compact and get 206×156 pixels. Here's a guy comparing the older $400 Hti HT-18 (220×160) with a $2500 Fluke: Open your eyes, people. FLIR and Fluke are great brands, but they are not your only options. Use the google. Read and watch reviews.

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