If You’re Seeing This It’s Too Late…

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Spy Camera Clock (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2v6pLqb
Spy Camera Clock (International) – http://geni.us/J8GYr

This clock packs some secret functionality… It’s got a hidden camera with night vision. It works with an app available on Android or iPhone and can begin recording when triggered by motion.

*Sponsored by Oreo.

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Unusual Names says:

Have u gone crazy?

Jeffrey Williams says:

4:56 You shouldn't have censored it! 😂

Zareh Brave says:

use the blu vivo xi+

M Nour says:

what's the point of using SD card when every one even the thief can remove and you won't have any record.

Owen Roberts says:

You're being weirder than usual…

YORU says:

just incase someone wants to steal your oreos

Tech-Ke says:

I love it when he tries to get Will involved. LOL!

HypixelPet says:

Wow you're definitely trying so hard to make your video 10 minutes long.


The digital clock though doesn’t illuminate like the real deal….. might trigger the target to suspect that something that big with such a lame display to be doing something else besides telling time.

Cliff Wilson says:

I love this video! I was LMAO! Dude your crazy love watching your videos!

ReaperHacknSlash says:

its like a fucking amcrest camera in a fucking alarm clock, fucking smart 🙂

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