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The 35mm point n shoot camera with enough of a cult following to be called the, “Pocket Professional”. At one point I HATED this camera, but I stuck with it and over the last two years have completely fallen in love with it. It’s an absolute BANGER for it’s small size, sharp lens, and most importantly it’s rangefinder system. I WAS WRONG ABOUT THIS CAMERA!

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10x Kodak Ultramax – https://amzn.to/2LpElCf
10x Fujicolor 100 – https://amzn.to/2Jj6FUf

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Brevite Backpack – http://www.brevite.co/?rfsn=1079380.aacd88
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Filming Equipment used:
Sony A7II
Manfrotto tripod

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VivaEZLN1 says:

There's also an XA1.

Louis Andrew says:

Really? The flash makes it big!… lol!

Polluxerium says:

I can't find any for less than 80 bucks in working order!! I wish I could have one, or buy one for a reasonable price.

Luca Davis says:


SilverPower says:

What does he said at 2:18 ? i am french difficult for me to understand.

dgodfrey9189 says:

XAs are great. My profile picture was shot on one. I'd love an XA4 for the 28mm lens, but eBay prices are just a bit silly.

Beau Birkett says:

FYI, it goes to f22

raksh9 says:

As I look back with what I know now, I wish I'd had a XA or XA2 when I was at school and uni, years ago. I can only imagine the great memories i could have captured back then.

Sharmeen Hafilda says:

pls review the chinon auto gl!

Jason O says:

I had one and used it for a while ( actually I've tried the whole XA range ) but I never liked that shutter button. I ended up selling it and I've replaced it with the lomo lca, slightly different style in that it's a zone focus but for a camera for your coat pocket it's definitely my preferred option. Still love the olympus film cameras though, I have the 35 rc and the ee s, both have awesome lenses.

Niko F. says:

it's the plastic equivalent of an M6

Rueben P. says:

You should really take a look at the Canon sureshot zoom XL, it’s a high quality camera and its almost the same size as the Fuji 645 point and shoot

Elijah Hidalgo says:

We need more Prakticas on here, they're so unnoticed

Spencer G says:

Why no example photos brew?

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