Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus – CAMERA Comparison! | The Tech Chap

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Which has the Best Camera? Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (P40 Pro & S20+) – comparing Photos, Portraits, Zoom Lens, Selfies, Videos & More!
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The Tech Chap says:

Hey Chaps – hope you liked the video! Which phone do YOU think won? 📸🤔

Found Boy says:

S20+ leagues better lol

Oberdan Caldas says:

GALAXY S20 + ❤❤❤❤❤

A.W A says:

Stop lying your complete biasedness is showing in this video entirely. Your balls deep Huawei fan. Most of the cases the S20 was clearly better, and you just didn't give credit to Samsung. I prefer the S20 plus!

fightnight14 says:

"Tech Chap 0 Pro"

Mr Beasley says:

Probably is the exynos. My S20 night mode is incredible

Zeongsing w says:

三星这个锐化这么严重 假假的感觉

Mang domeng says:

Sorry but looking at those pic on 10x zoom i think s20 is the winner color and sharpness. A bit blur and faded out for p40

Amernime Zone says:

4:58 kind of interesting, while photo in p40 pro lamp doesn't glow and show's inside

Miye Jagaa says:

Is it me or this guy has an eye problem? Every photos he took with s20+ is killing p40 pro.

Baha Yazici says:

P40 Pro %100 win (colors natural) so realistic – (Turkey): Çok gerçekçi,renkler çok canlı ve doğal kesinlikle %100 kazanan P40 Pro

rob ord says:

im a huawei fan but i like the samsung overall. looks like real camera. smoother video as well. just no phone can beat huawei in the dark.

XwytreX says:

I got the note 10+ 2 weeks ago and now I can trade in for a s20+ without any charge, foc. Should I do it and is it worth? In my country, the S20+ has 8gb ram while note 10+ is 12gb. Both are exynos

Moritz M. says:

the p40 is fantastic wow!

Dynex bro says:

S20 plus is the one that is great

dario lenoci says:

I personally prefer the 20plus

Alex Relax says:

aside from those lowlight shots.. the s20plus wins everything.. and whats more..

UI, google apps, chipset(snap), and display all goes to s20plus..

those are just my opinions.. i mean i dont even own an S20..
im still using a cheap xiaomi phone😂😂

Raj Varghese says:

P40 pro with updated will perform much better overall p40 did a good job waiting for p40 pro+ ….nice comparison going on here…….

Haedong Seol says:

samsung yes!

Emmanuel Ugwah says:

I think the s20 plus had better pictures…dynamic range is everything in photography

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