Huawei P40 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Comparison!

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The Huawei P40 Pro got an update a few days ago therefore I made a new camera comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S20.
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Throughout this video you will be able to see daytime pictures, including Portrait Mode, 10 & 20X Zoom, Ultra Wide and Main Lens. There are also some pictures taken at night using the Night Mode, Sample videos and some sample selfies.
What phone do you think does better for pictures and videos?

1:00 – Portrait Mode Pictures (day)
1:54 – Zoom Pictures (day)
2:45 – Ultra Wide (day)
3:35 – Main Camera (day)
4:52 – Night Mode Pictures (night)
7:19 – Sample videos (day & night)
12:00 – Selfies (day & night)

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Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung s20


Redskull says:

Help me get this video to 300 likes! Please and Thanks! 😊 🙏
These pictures were taken after the latest update on the Huawei P40 Pro and Galaxy S20.

K Y says:

I think if u like p40 pro saturate more higher you can open the leica filter on the camera

dario punziano says:

Can u do a low light comparison between p30 pro and p40 pro? Fot and video

Haru Hikigaya says:

im late be i prefer S20 but I'll admit p40 is amazing too. i just want the color production of s20. but its up to our own color preference anyway

Александър дървеняков123 Дървеняков says:

Huawei 🔝💪

Alexandru Nagi says:

Bravo Alex! Foarte corectă analiza, ambele au punctele lor forte, sunt de acord cu toate concluziile tale! Keep it up și salutări din Germania 👌

Γιώργος Τ. says:

I have got S20 Plus and I love it

Curve Ahead says:

1:06, you must be blind. A part for one mistake on the right of your collar, the S20 shows much sharper edges where on the P40 Pro it's blurred (hair on top of the head, hairs on the cheeks).

anoop a says:

S20 is way better than S20 ultra and same performance if not better as the p40 pro

Nilab Nangarhari says:

S20 wins everything except for nightmode and zoom. Samsung is the king of Android.

anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary says:

Samsung S20 ultra camera king

Nareshyovan Nareshyovan says:

Samsung S Sirius always 👌

Sachin Kudari says:

P40pro best

astralink080 says:

P40 Pro also has night mode for selfies…

Merzlikin Studio says:

huawei good, but lacking a wider angle. WHERE TO TEST 4K 60р ????

J7 Squad says:

wow .. on the standard lens at daylight .. it's S20 all the way .. but in other categories and other lenses P40 pro is better

gaming 010 says:

I like the ultrawide of galaxy

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