Huawei P40 Pro VS Huawei P30 Pro Camera Comparison – Latest Updates

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A new camera comparison between the Huawei P40 Pro and the P30 Pro running the latest updates available (July 2020).
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Throughout this video you can check out portrait mode pictures, zoom pictures, ultra wide pictures, Night Mode pictures and of course sample video recordings! What do you think? Is it worth upgrading to the Huawei P40 Pro?

First comparison between the P40 Pro VS P30 Pro:

0:00 – Intro
1:14 – Portrait Mode Samples
2:18 – 5X Zoom Samples
3:15 – Ultra Wide Samples
5:00 – Night Mode Samples
7:05 – Video Samples
11:30 – Selfies
12:10 – Conclusion

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Redskull says:

Help me get this video to 500 likes!! Please and thanks!🙏😍

HuntaKiller says:

P30 pro is really good..p40 is a bit detailed and better vid capability but i gotta say minote10 with gcam is on par with these for $399 these days

Dan N says:

Man… I love your style! Don't change it ever! About phones, You show me on Youtube exactly what I want to see, and not just empty talk as other youtubers do.

Larisa Andonie says:

i'm not using google services on my p40pro and i-m ok with it. i have 1 app that is not working, but i sow a new that it will be ready in about 3 weeks and i'm now using the card as i can not use nfc for payments, but its not that bad

Alin Marinescu says:

nice. still… i love p40pro, the camera IS GREAT. i must atmit that p30pro is a wonderful phone

Martin Hotmann says:

7:59 All Videos taken from P40 Pro (Wide) are washed out, or a bit blurry .. hate that. I think its a software-thing they should fix that.
Thanks for the review!


Thanks for this video

Miroslav Hristov says:

Very useful comparison but it will be interesting to me and many others if you make a comparison again, when the P30 PRO is with update 10.1. After receiving it, I personally find a difference in my phone еspecially when it comes to colors and photos in the dark.

Ubaydullo Abdullayev says:

👍 good comparison ad usual
Your wife very beautiful also you too

BD S says:

I think they do have differences, but it is not a necessity for upgrading

Dominic Quayson says:

Huawei is doing great job

AlfaPower says:

yeah hot wifey is back 😀

Paul Dinescu says:

don t buy chinese brands!

Julien Lefebvre says:

Slt tu peux tester le Oppo x2 pro en photo

Chubbable says:

Whered you got that mounting bracket from? Thanks for answering

Ashish Nale says:

ban chinise product

Bio Academy says:

Geez I just ordered P40 pro two days ago. I should have seen this first and saved some money. Thank you for your video.

Eric Okafor says:

P30 Pro still got the wow factor. P40 Pro+ should outdo it properly.

Felix Andrian Hartanto Darmaji says:

Great review, have you test the video recording with 3rd party app like filmic pro? Are there improvement?

Dan Jerwin NJQ says:

hello, hope you compare bse model P40 vs P30pro,

Dave West Media says:

Good grief, more than anything the camera/video is a vast improvement on the P30 Pro since I had it 👀

Also, the audio on the P40 Pro seems very muddy, like they've added some bass boost 🤔

Either way, amazing effort as always mate 👍

Milen Rizov says:

p30 pro sometimes" destroys" the colors of the grass and the sky

Shkar Azad says:

Great comparison 👌. Google service will go away with new updates?

assouka zakaria says:

any mate 30pro vs p40pro comparison?

Peter xxx says:

Danke für den ausführliche Vergleich 👍

Renato N says:

Nice review Alex

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