Huawei P40 Pro Review – BEST Smartphone Camera 2020!

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The new Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 Pro is here. In this Huawei P40 Pro Review I teamed up with Linus from Techline: – We will checkout the Huawei P40 Pro Camera soon in an indepth P40 Pro Camera Review! Stay tuned! P40 Pro Zoom Test coming soon aswell!!
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Back in 2019, Huawei released one of the best phones at this time – the Huawei P30 Pro. The zoom, hardware, insanely capable cameras and the leading battery life with good charging speeds made this phone a top seller. Huawei still cant use google mobile services because of the U.S. government, but in spite of that, Huawei is improving their Huawei App Gallery every day. Here’s everything you need to know about the phones.

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Skidrow Black says:

no google services!! can you watch youtube videos

micha868 says:

6:13 But you've already done this on mate 30 pro aren't you? From what i remember you made couple of videos about it and why you can make it more safe.

bryan david says:

Huawei has done it again.. For sure U. S will accuse again huawei for something.. Haha

Soriax Xar says:

Its not even the second biggest sensor in smartphone ever. The biggest is in the panasonic cm1 (1'') and second place belons to the nokia 808 pureview (1/1.2"). This one is 1/1.28''…

felice camponovo says:

Hi, did you try to install the tesla app in no gapp Huawei? I'm quite curious. Btw, also the revolut app would be nice to know if it works (or if it's in the app gallery)….it would be interesting to know is there any way to check the list of application present in the app gallery. Do you know a way? After years of loyalty to Huawei I had to switch back to Samsung. It's not wise to spend (so much) money for a p40 plus or a mate xs without knowing if you can live with it 😔

Mookz Here! says:

how about comparing it versus xiaomi mi 10 pro?

Kerron Hope says:

Current watching on Huawei Mate 30 Pro with installed GMS.

usman abdulkadir says:

Awesome content keep it up as always stay safe bro Steve 🙏

shahzaib hanif says:

can you please test ultrawide camera low light video. I would love to see 16 in to 1 pixel binning in action (4.48 micron pixel size)

JannisDavidZwahlen says:

Waiting for the + 😁

Sham Maideen says:

You are how I would imagine a young Arnold Schwarzenegger would sound like. Also, Linus looks scary and mean until he opens his mouth. Then he just seems normal. But that scene where he was just holding the phone and you were zooming on his face, he kinda looks like a badass.

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