Huawei P40 Pro Plus VS iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison!

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The ultimate camera comparison between the new Huawei P40 Pro Plus and the iPhone 11 Pro!
What phone do you think is better for pictures and videos? The Huawei P40 Pro+ or the iPhone 11?

Throughout this video I’ve included daytime pictures, portrait mode pictures, ultra wide pictures and of course zoom pictures! There are also some sample videos and night time pictures! So what phone do you prefer? Let me know your thoughts!


Zeez Saud says:

Video: iPhone
The rest: P40PP

P40PP's mic is crazy good

Kristcornejo says:

Great comparison as always

Jeancarlos Vargas Saldaña says:

Huawei p40 pro + 👏👍✌🐲💪🐉🙌💯⚡😍😎

Hafiz Saifi says:

Wooww really osm video too good bro i prefer the p40 pro plus

jaretop1 says:

P40 is best. Alex only you have good rating about iPhone, tell the truth iPhone is your sponsor ???. another camera opinion from you is ok only rubbish iPhone promoted with no reason

Azam Khan says:

P40 Pro and Pro plus are the best selfie camera at the current market. I haven't use any better selfie camera till date.

Grant S says:

Yes, the comparison we've been waiting for! Finally, a usable ultra wide angle camera in low light. Thinking about get the non-Plus to save a bunch of $$ since I probably won't use the zoom much.

Роман Немченко says:

Wow! Portraits are really better with p40 pro. Zoom – nuff said. Ultra wide on iPhone would be better inside, p40 is better outside, but we can't ignore the possibility of zooming, if iPhone is to "far", goes to Apple. P40 pro main sensor does more natural photos with less sharping. I think, iPhone could do smth similar if it has larger sensor with more pixels (50>12). Why Apple still didn't add nightmode to ultrawide? Ridicules. I think, main sensor of Huawei does better like 60% of photos compering to the iPhone 11. Sound recording goes to iPhone. Ultrawide day time video is better on the iPhone. Main cam day time video is practically similar, but p40 pro is not so overcolored and a bit better in stabilization (wow). Some weird noise reduction on ultrawide nighttime videos, but way better, then dark and natural iPhone. Main cam night video show us how great is optical stab on iPhone. Yes, not so stabilized, bud more smooth. There is no nightmode for selfy on Huawei? strange.
Thx for that comparison, it was nice. Mb u should ad some 1080/30 for extrastabilization in proper scenes next time?

Lynn Dennis says:

Buying P40 Pro+ next week in UK can't wait! Cheers 👍🏻😉

Chemy Torres says:

Great comparison, again I think both are doing really well

cristixperia says:

Overall prefer 11 pro-ul. La partea video încă e cel mai bun. La foto Huawei supra expune din cauza dynamic range-ului exagerat. Sunt curios cu ce îmbunătățiri vine seria 12 pro, anul ăsta.

Εκτωρ says:

They're both good can't go wrong with any of those phones

donxalamar says:

Good comparison but I'm more interested in that Gimbo to hold 2 phones 😂. Where can I get one, please?

TheManMachine says:

I remember when Huawei introduced the P20 Pro with it's stunning night mode which was ahead of it's competitors. With the P40 Pro + it's again a huge step with night photography and I am always amazed to see what phones can do nowawadys. And I am pretty curious what's possible in 5 years. Maybe we really come to a point where phones get close to having a similar quality as a dslr.

Roshan Thomas says:

Boycott chinese phones

Gio Studio says:

Alex,Thank you for your work, You're the best.

Gio Studio says:

Audio recording is better on the iPhone, on Huawei's more low frequencies and speech is a little mutter ,
ultra wide lens is a little wider and better on the iPhone. Selfie camera likes more on Huawei, (too much yellow on iPhone) video recording King is Iphone ,lo light & Zoom Huawei ,portrait photo is better on Huawei ,the iPhone has much better speakers and a talking speaker, and this one is very important. says:

That ultrawide in low light on the P40 Pro Plus

Flash363 says:

The P40 Pro kicked the iphones ass in just abt every category holy shit this phone is highly underrated!😳😳

Jimmy Mokwena says:

Its great video but as for the night pic n videos p40 is beast

Sumit Ram says:

Both are really good. But for me… I want to go with iPhone 11 Pro. 💚

Nathan Von Dutch says:

I liked the song in the photo comparison!

Ibrahim Jalloh says:

Huawei win picture iPhone win video

dreeTM tp says:

Wow! Amazing review mate! 💯💪

Rhett Oracle says:

iPhone wins video. Huawei wins the rest. Great side by side comparison! Cheers

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