Huawei P40 Pro Plus camera review

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Huawei puts real optical 10X zoom in a phone — and once you’ve tried it, it’ll ruin you for every other phone camera. After a week of use, here’s what we think of the Huawei P40 Pro Plus’s camera setup!

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Nithin Tomy says:

can you please give me that P40 pro

Josh Nicholson says:

Anyone else here put off by the huge size of this phone? I don't know about anybody else but I just find massive phones not very practical especially if you try to use it one handed, you're screwed.

Julio Villa says:

The zoom 10x on video seem me disappointing, I don't know what others think.

Sslan seelan says:

Sucks. Don't buy these phones

Kim jong un says:

This phones use Sony lense

Richard Good Daddy says:

Be patient.. Trump will not be president in 2021 and Google – Huawei partnership will be back again

Weekend Warrior says:

It looked a bit too yellow

encallado kim says:

I hope huawei make a device wich offers a note like experience with this amazing camera thats dope

Tridib Saikia says:

It's clear. No one can compete against Huawei in the mobile camera department. None on the planet Earth. However being a true tech-giant we can expect a very good mobile OS in the later part of 2020 or that will be amazing. Cheers

Risetio CDP says:

This is the reason why orange faced president blocks Huawei from getting GMS. The phone is just too superior compared to other big names. Its superior hardware technology cannot be matched. Without orange faced policy intervention, Huawei might have surpassed Apple and Samsung's market share and profit right now.

Stig Ove A. Gisnås says:

Thanks for the info. I am hihgly considering p40 pro. I just have a question concerning youtube. When using a google free huawei world, will I still be able to log in to my youtube account? (In a legal way) Is there a likely chance youtube will become difficult with browser logins or third party app log ins? I am a small youtube creator, and I need to still be able to access and upload to youtube.
But if this is no problem I am switching to huawei immediately. Hoping for qucik answer as I am about to decide what phone to buy 😊

ruka jin says:

I love Huawei and already changed my all apple phones into P30 pro and P40 pro +

thenextlevel123 says:

Cameraaaa, modduleessss. Slurringggg

Gaurav sharma says:

Huawei next generation Quality Mobile.
I love Huawei 👌👌

Lynn Dennis says:

Thanks for this, I wish I knew the date this phone was being released in the UK! 👍🏻🙂

Spielchecker 4 You says:

hey there, is 4k video possible at 10 times zoom and 3 times zoom?

tosay ugg says:

looks very beatiful

ronald madrideo says:

Made in china 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Kyler Born says:

Too bad I'm boycotting Chinese products. That camera is on a different level. Really amazing camera.

Art Vandelay says:

Time to ditch GMS as the whole world can see google can be weaponised by politicians. The world needs a open system that cannot be dictated by a nation.

Solly Lebelo says:

People: These $1000 phones are ridiculous.
OEMs : hold my $1400

pk10006 says:

Sad for all the people who spent 1400$ on Galaxy S20 ultra

Jeancarlos Vargas Saldaña says:

Huawei p40 pro + 👏👍✌🐲💪🐉🙌⚡😍💯😎

Abhishek Kumar says:

If this phone support GMS
It'll blow all other smartphones

gul bilal says:

Great work and impressive result..

BT KT says:

i'll get one, i'm chinese anyway ;^)

subscribe pewdiepie says:

Definitely using this zoom to get pictures of kids without spooking them! 2:23

No Curtains SD says:

IMO This is the only phone I can pitch against iphone 11 at the moment, as far as camera is concerned.
Really feature rich, impressive camera.
Hope Apple is watching

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