Huawei P40 Pro camera review

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the P40 Pro’s camera performance in a dedicated video full of camera samples and the occasional comparison vs. the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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▶ Check out our Huawei P40 Pro video review:

▶ Here are the full phone specs:

▶ Track Info: Such a fine day by Guy Trevino, Grab a Pillow 2 by Martin Landh and Beyond the Skyline 3 by Sven Karlsson

▶ If you want to know more about our host Will, check out his video episode in our Meet The Team series.


P&I Tech says:

S20 plus its better

Pritesh Ruthun says:

Once again. Huawei fails at video. With all that tech, a two year old iPhone still shoots better video

Irfan Ahmed says:

Bro need Realme 6 video review

Luminux Gaming says:

P40 Pro 😊
P40 Pro Plus 😎

santosh kimothi says:

Stay away from #ChineseVirus19

Rãndøm StüFf says:

If ur happy enough for his 1m subs express it here …. Congrats 🎉

tommy lee says:

corona camera review lets see


When it will be available in india

sky works says:

Watching this on S20, I like the camera, all in all much better phone than P40. Just look at that giant front camera.

Mahar Ramzan says:

I want information about realme 6i….???

Smart Report says:

Congratulations For 1M Subscribers….❤️😜❤️😆😜❤️

Brooks Boost says:

Please help me I'm poor 😭 covid19

I. Moon9 says:

The location is awesome 👍

Reason says:

This is why Trump wages war on the company.

Manish Siwakoti says:

All the pictures are taken in the same places in all the GSM Arena camera review videos so there is nothing to see.

Alberto Olmedo says:

congratulations boys !!! good job about 1.000.000 suscriptors !!!!

Andrew Cabasag says:

Huawei p40 pro vs samsung s20 plus comparison.

Izaz Ahmad says:

In 2005 my phone have camera and in 2020 my camera have phone 😂

Njoi Fontes says:

Great vid GsmArena mas please don´t forget that night mode will surely be fixed once the first update hits. Please take a second look at night mode once this happens.

TheSupremeSkill says:


Have you considered to move in 21:9 format for your video reviews? I think most people who own a modern phone would appreciate this, since at least I mostly watch your videos on a phone.

M T says:

do not buy huawei phones. they have cause the world enough harm

Azm Rehman says:

Huawei has completely destroyed S20 Ultra

Mumin Muminati says:

Huawei King 👑

Felix Yeung says:

Samsung needs to step it up

Niketan Rai says:

Why is no one talking about the P40 Pro Plus because that is supposed to be the S20 Ultra's true competitor ?

Kazuto says:

Redmi note 9s please..

mikyosie17 says:

Finally reached a million subscribers. Here's to the million people who believe in GSMArena!

prabh deep says:

Front of phone is terrible..we can put cover on phone neither guard on screen😂😂😂…will breake after 2 days

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