Huawei P40 Pro Camera Review (IN-DEPTH) PART 2 feat. TECHLINE

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The most in-depth Huawei P40 Pro camera review feat. Linus from Techline! We did put alot of effort in this full Huawei P40 Pro camera review.
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The P40 Pro achieves an outstanding DXOMARK Camera score of 128 because it is either the best or one of the very best devices we have tested to date across nearly all categories. It is particularly impressive for Zoom, with shots across the zoom range showing better detail and lower noise than than the competition Check it out on DX0mark :

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techline - Linus says:

We put a lot of time and effort into making this video but it was great fun! PART 1 of the camera review:

Malith Withana says:

Amazing review 🙌

l' eau says:

Best huawei video review on youtube.thanks a lot.

Khaled Ali says:

Battery drain test next please 🥺

residentCJ says:

Nice rev, thx.Seems you know what u talk about 😜 Huawei still has very big problems in LowLight Video (see 8:00min scene the lights right in the background). The more u move, the more lights are smearing and whobling in the dark. No other manufacturer has this problem that bad.

Can u choose shutterspeed for video in filmic pro ?
As seen in the video the huawei video app doesnt have this feature.

Smart Phone says:

Huawei 🔝

Isko R says:

Ok, nice now give us S20U vs P40 Pro camera

Markus Haier says:

awesome video steven and linus!

Lelouch V Britannia says:

Linus sent me here to check out Bettani

Terence Geronimo says:

What I've been waiting for

Itho Bureni says:

Love the way you review, guys. 👏

Alex1989m says:

Is macro mode not there anymore? 😔

Christian Eichholz says:

Wie immer ein cooles Review😎💪

Mohammad Mehdi says:


SDav21 says:

The only thing missing now that was on previous Huawei's is super macro mode. The Mate 30 and P40 no longer has it probably because the wide angle sensor and camera is completely new and used for video. I liked super macro though. You could get some really cool very close things with nice background blur. But I guess everything else new makes up for it.

flying chicken says:

add minimum 999mp wide sensor

tuan nguyen says:

best camera review. you know a lot about photography

Jocker says:

Love you❤️❤️❤️make video how can we download apps on p40 pro

kiran rathod says:

Complete and in depth review of camera .
Kudos to the review

shahzaib hanif says:

brother 'ultra wide angle' camera 1080p video low light test please. 16 in 1 pixel fusion is only for ultra wide angle camera. thank you

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