Huawei P40 Pro Camera Review (in-depth) PART 1 feat. TechMagnet

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PART 2 at TechMagnet:
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techline - Linus says:

What do you think about P40 Pro's cameras? PART 2 at TechMagnet:

Sci-Fi Admirer says:

China and their products can just f*** right off right now.

Haris Abu Bakar says:

Amazing, love Huawei 🥰

Andrew R says:

They just need to develop a new system and format for phone cameras. I think there should only be 1 camera on the back. They should just recess the sensor, have a built in zoomable lens or allow attachable lenses, increase the sensor size to 1/2" – 1". Adding a bunch of cameras is more costly and counterintuitive.

I like the idea of just one camera and having it rotatable 180 degrees for selfie and rear facing

Andrew R says:

I don't understand this ridiculous camera race these companies are doing. These phones are starting to look comical. Reminds me of those old "concept" photos of the PS3 controller where there is like 100 buttons

Rio Winaryo says:

Great review. Stay safe.

Villainz YumzZ says:

Colour seems natural.. huawei has improved quite a lot with this p40 lineup. I must say the image quality is true to life. I dont really like the saturated colours that gives harshness to an image.. it looks bad.

Cooly Tse says:

Zoom lens performance is very nice

Jeancarlos Vargas Saldaña says:

Huawei p40 pro 👍👏✌🐉💪🐲😎

First Superman says:

dude, i told u ady 4k 60fps do not support on optical zoom, only 4k 30fps does

Markus Haier says:

Awesome collab. best review ive seen

Shiva Gurung says:

wow nice video n lovely p40 pro

Lelouch V Britannia says:

Half of this video is about checking Tech Magnet's video

Terence Geronimo says:

My dream phone

Rocco L says:

Samsung Galaxy A01 review?

Alex1989m says:

Ah come on man you made the mistake again 😂 ….when zooming in on video it won't use the other lenses if you're doing it at 4k60, only at 4k30….the zoom lens is triggered at about 5.5-6x zoom.

carver 9 says:

Can you do camera comparisons?

mrfragger87 says:

I really like the natural colour balance, especially compared to Samsung. Thanks for the review, great job!

Vishal Giri says:

Awesome video bro!!

Rahat Hussain says:

The best cameras 😍😍😍😍

Daniel Esimu says:

Quality of mate30 pro amplified. This is a good performer.

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