Huawei P40 Pro+ camera review

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Here’s our in-depth look at the camera capabilities of the P40 Pro+. Otherwise identical to the P40 Pro, which we already reviewed, this phone takes Huawei’s camera game to a new level.

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Achu Akshay says:

Everything about this phone is superb except it doesn't have Google service, which looses is a big goner.😞, Hope Huawei gets Google service back.

Oussama amrani says:

1000+ $ for no google apps, seems hard to convince

Sujal Shrestha says:

What's frame of P 40 pro plus is made of. Ceramic, steel or aluminium?

Br br says:

Good review

Moh Ammed says:

i have a question which is the name of tripod in the video

Iulian F says:

Nice video, thank you. I've always admired GSMArena Team for being impartial and non toxic with their content on the website.
Guys, a suggestion: include more close up photos of people to see how the skin tones are (not only portrait mode, which has further processing, like the softness). Huawei are known for their unrealistic skin tones (compared to Pixel or Iphone), which I can confirm on the P30.
Another useful thing is to sort of evaluate the shutter lag and how well the main camera handles moving subjects (like people or pets, another hit and miss with Huawei in the past).

Though I consider Huawei cameras have good performance, in real life they disappointed me compared with the Pixels. Many inaccurate shots, unrealistic skin tones in all modes, poor handling of moving subjects, extreme noise reduction by smoothing (noise is ok for many people), shutter lag is always a surprise, poor video white balance (red faces), extreme jpeg compression, poor white balance for night photos. Their focus seems to be on extreme zoom and ultra low light photos, which we rarely use.

sourav dhar says:

Great job. It was a lot to cover

Magnet Cup says:

I might buy this if huawei price it lower,

The only app i use from gms is youtube

Shane Horne says:

This or the S20 ultra

Tech Unboxed says:

The king of cameras..

Govind Singh says:

I hate china and Chinese products..
So I am not going to watch your video as well as #boycottchineseproduct

D H says:

Amazing cameras, useless phone outside of China

Sergio S. says:

Guys, I don't know you but I been reading gsm arena for like 10 years now, I got curious and I started searching where these reviews are shot, most of them are made in Bulgaria, near to the Vitosha Park Hotel, however, I can't seem to find the specific building where the reviews are made, I've found all the scenarios the only thing that I am still missing is the exact building where they are located at, I know it sounds a bit weird but right now I have a lot of free time if anyone knows hit me up, thanks! great review by the way! nevermind I found them! haha.

RaFKw says:

Amazing camera.

MrShawnTRods says:

Deserves the recommendation? Honestly, huawei does not have a future without google. I love huawei phones and every day, I am one click away from buying the p40 pro. But I know there is no future and longevity… Banking apps arent available, just as an example.

Juraj Vitko says:

Great review. Expected more from the phone itself.

Jerald's Vlog says:

No doubt Huawei is the best camera phone in the market nowadays.

Ezra Pardede says:

Since its a review dedicated for the camera alone, i was hoping u guy doing it more thoroughly and put up some comparison to the competition, still a great review, but that was just my suggestion, also although there are some already do the video test while running, i was hoping you do it too, because it test the limit of how capable the stability is & sometimes its just better to watch you guys do the review compared to other, those are only my suggestion

Timothy Yap says:

Camera battle versus S20 Ultra please

Gill Carra says:

the puchhole camera its so long

Kakarotto MUI says:

Mr.Mobile, Android Authority, Android Central, GSM Arena, Tech Spurt, Ben's Gadgets
All released the reviews of the P40 pro + at around the same time..!!!


Kian Lee says:

Any samples for the 100x zoom?

Adi SA says:

4k60fps garrbage

Jimi Arisandi says:

they survive unlike blackberry or windows phones.

sandokan66 says:

So final verdict: the P40 Pro is still better than the P40 Pro Plus.

Shoaib Aalam says:

I love Huawei but without Google services. It's just a camera 😞

Oc70b3r says:

I wish phone manufacturerers would have certain models that didn't give a f about cameras and pack ALL THE FUNDING into everything else; just jam a 2080ti in there, f the camera

Robert A. says:

Buy this if you love the Chinese Communist Party

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