Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro – Which Is The Better Deal?

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The Huawei P30 Pro is obviously the flagship Huawei device but is the standard Huawei P30 actually a better deal? Video Music via Artlist –

This comparison explores the similarities and differences between the Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei P30.

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Unbox Therapy says:

P30 or P30 Pro?

N khan says:

I am happy with my p20 🎉

Gravecb7 Accord says:

I use my phone to listen to music in my car and watch videos on YouTube so the P30 Pro doesn't come with a headphone jack why would they skip out on that

Melissa Weber says:

I have tiney hands, compared to the P6 my first Huawei device, they're both too big. Pros are just ridiculsouly too big.

zoki poki says:

What about durability of the huawei p30,no videos !!! drop test,bend test …. strange thing 🤔

nel c says:

Watching with my iPhone X

Abner Marentes says:

Where can i buy this ?

Alko Dashboard says:

P30 user here 🤗😜

Little Donut says:

I would choose The regular p30 because if the pro brokes/will be wreck your money will be wasted

Little Donut says:

The regular

Ayoub HADDIOUI says:

The P30 is a good deal, but it's a pity it got a weaker battery! 3650 mAh isn't enough for a phone with heavy features. On the other hand, the Pro model lacks the regular headphone jack, plus the wireless charging and in-glass speaker / fingerprint sensor tech will make it both difficult and expensive for repair in case it undergoes a rough shock etc. Thus, I'm taking neither this nor that. I'll just stick to the father P20 Pro; great camera, powerful battery, perfect speakers, enough memory, gorgeous design. That's my phone.
Advice: do not be slave for novelties. It's just a matter of marketing.. and it kills. Be satisfied when the things at hand are adequate for your needs.

Rexen21 says:

Both are hard to choose!!

Tan Boon Siang says:

iPhone the best <3

Drastic says:

Ill tell you whats the better deal, The Xperia 1 is going to be an amazing phone. If you come across it buy it. Its got amazing features that will not be found on any other PHones. Features being Super Slow Motion 960fps at 1080p, 3D Creator, Finger print on the side in the middle, Eye AF and 10 fps burst shooting with AF/AE tracking, 4K HDR OLED Display CRAZY and it is very useful in this day and age, a smartphone with that screen which you can watch your recorded 4K HDR video on (sorry to every smartphone that dont have that option), a very optimised battery which has been proven in XZ Premium, 21:9 Screen ratio perfect for your Netflix binge and Fortnite, Triple lens camera which you can shoot in 21:9 (make your own 4k HDR 21:9 movies) 🙂 what else amazing VR Capabilities especially at 4K and you got multi tasking as well at the best its ever been. Cine Alt Creator Mode is what was used to make your favourite films at best colour grading as like all your Spider man films. Snapdragon 855, quick charging, id assume it is very fast like the almighty XZ Premium however much faster. Oh and i seen that the Benchmark is the highest at 395,721. Waterproofing as always as they were the first and everyone thought who needs that and now its on all of their smartphones lol. Id definitely recommend this and show it off to your mates cos they've got the same phones as each other get a bit of difference in your life pals and gals.

Jithin P says:

Can we record portrait video on p30 like p30 pro?

Psyuri says:

I really want to get a new phone and I'm torn between the p30 (standard) and the mate20pro! Do you guys know which is better??

Bfree 2eatme says:

P30 pro. Bigger screen is preferred because I watch a of of video and read news.

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