Huawei P30 vs Galaxy S10: Camera Comparison

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Jayvinson Lopez says:

He's hot thooooo.. Hahahaha

NoOb OnE says:

Whats happen if you change the photo size in p30 from 40mp to a lower size or to 12mp like in s10 then compere it with s10 photo ??

head turner says:

Samsung overkilled the huawei

Sio F says:

If u want premium juss go samsung, if u not in to premium then go huawei simple

Kenny Dorman says:

Thought you might like this! The Samsung Galaxy Fold’s Foldable Display is Already Failing for Some

daryll pre says:

S10 promotion? Hahaha

daryll pre says:

You forget the aperture to edit the blury or bokeh effect.. For me huawei theres a lot of features you can explore compare to s10.. Feel bad to huawei how can i just lesten and believe to you, your just like a promoters of samsung hahahaha can tell evrything in order to sell unit to reach their quota hahaha

Rem Ar says:

What up guys…

Bernard says:

The Background color behind the pictures really made a difference. Stop doing that

Anowar Hossain says:

S10+ king winer world

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