Huawei P30 Pro VS Sony A6400 Professional Mirrorless Camera !

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I travelled from Las Vegas to London to compare the Huawei P30 Pro camera with the new Sony A6400 Mirrorless Camera. Lets see who wins !
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The Huawei P30 Pro has all the necessary skills to be an excellent flagship choice, and if it matches the hype Huawei is creating around it then it’s going to be a seriously impressive device. #Huawei #huaweip30 #Huaweip30pro
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Muhaeed Faisal says:

Huawei very nice p 30 Pro

Alexandru Macovei says:

Your voice is sooo relaxing

shaolin95 says:

When you zoom in it clearly shows the flaws of phones…the image looks super digitally enhanced like a very old digital camera. The sony looks real. You must be blind to think the difference is small

是我也不是我23 says:


Suamikutercinta Fendiana says:

At 4.30 left p30 and right sony

Bright Oskar says:

Sony Xperia 1 please

Sahabat Camera Balitar says:

Huawei p30 pro menggunakan sensor sony… Coba di cetak gede sama bagus gag???? Hari gini ngejar kamera phone terbaik?

jeffrey sopel says:

I think the DSLR camera companies should be worried that for the consumers market the cell phone is going to rule…sadly Only serious photographers are going to spend money on expensive cameras..

SurviveOnlyStrong says:

p30 much better in terms of dynamic range lol, shame on sony

William Wen says:

the only thing mirrorless / DSLR lack against smartphone camera : postprocessing & HDR….
image quality & sharpness captured image of real camera is unbeatable

Jakub M says:

LG V30 can do Slog 🙂

flaj says:

4:55 Bad a6400 EV settings.

lasko GD says:

Like si eres pobre y ni te alcanza para el juawuei p5 lite

lolo matiko says:

I´m awesome :O 😉

Abin jose says:

A6400 is an better Camera than P30

Abin jose says:

This is Not True

Michelle Annette says:

Him: You probably guessed it wrong but it's ok.
Me: but I was right

GodZoo says:

That's not Harry Potter Theater and that was not China..

Azree Zayani says:

I saw crown on right central incisor 😎

hiresmusic says:

btw all sample work done with good lightning.Low lightning is the field where mobile phones is still weak.

hiresmusic says:

I respect people who made photos on mobile phones,and seldom do it too,but nothing compares for me with good professional camera with grip sitting in my hand as part of my body.Period & foreva.

floters says:

Its a commercial for P30 LOL

Ãpêkx Zhân says:

Lol was this even a comparison ???? Damn if you can't sum up all factors day night and day to day activities then it can't be called as comparison.And to be honest sony camera was smoothening the buildings which isn't a good thing cause smoothening results in loss of letters and details whereas p30 pro was doing aweosme with saturation preserving details…..

XxOAtraxOxX says:

Clickbait you lie!!! A6400 is a not a professional Camera it's a CMOS APS-C FOR HOBBY CAMERA!!!!! TRY TO COMPARE SONY A7R

Dary David says:

Thank you man…

Radim Průdek says:

Professional Mirrorless Camera????

A6400 is only hobby camera 😉

ZodiacProd says:

I also want a Huawei P30 miwwowes camewa

Licht Artist 94 says:

Sorry but the a6400 is a camera for beginner not for professionals 😉

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