Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison

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4K Camera Test – Huawei P30 Pro Camera vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera vs iPhone XS Max Camera – Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Quad Cameras, Portrait mode and more.

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Eric Kwong says:

P30 photos look very fake. Colors are not nice. S10 plus best.

Jevwe vwevwevwe says:

May you Rest in Peace Iphone X Max 😭

Game Media says:

I like galaxy s10 camera

Bimodal Kurt says:

P30 pro The beast!.

Sarmistha Saha says:

You have confused me now. But it was a great video. Thanks.

Hussein Kefel says:

Huawei P30 Pro wins🏆

Selenator Acapella says:

3:43 Iphone's video is a lot more detailed, than the other two. Huawei's and Samsung's camera literally can't manage what to do with the lights on the street.

Selenator Acapella says:

0:12 The Iphone XS Max's camera is so much better, look at the sky. shitsung and copywei is still nothing.

woritsez says:

sure it's nice but i can't see past the price tag on it

Krissern says:

Does anyone know what Sennheiser earbuds he's using?

彭俊 says:


kjetil Bergesen says:

p30 pro to much post prosessing

Jaay says:

If I am looking at phone comparison, I won't be looking at camera part entirely.. In fact who are doing camera shot every day. My bit is for phone that give me good security protection, fast operating , long lasting batteries, no lags, offer more gadgets like good earbuds, VR,


what is wrong with the huawei's colour? yuck.

Square Breaker says:

I own a P20 pro and while the camera is nice i dont think the phone is as snappy as a qualcomm device. I iwhs they would just use the latest qualcomm and then it can do better slomotion etc

Md Shahin K.K says:

Galaxy s10 plus Best

Unboxing Sve says:

I will stick to nokia 3310

Arham Ilyas says:

Your accent is literally killing me.

최민준 says:

P 30 is winner

Jerry Tiong says:

ryyb sensor change the colour of the photo

Mixed Videos Tv says:

Samsung galaxy s10+ 👍👍👍

Ahmed Atef says:

P 30 pro should have the best camera if the colors were more satisfying. Does Huawei uptade will fix these color issues?

Mário Gomes says:

P30 AI is a little bit agressive. If you pay attention almost every blue sky shot gets grey. And this is only one example. Watch "Nuno Agonia" channel with his review and you'll notice there are some shots that dont deserve flagship status. In the other hand night mode is wayyyyyyyyyy better.

Syed Tashfin Islam says:

This video was really well made, loved it man

woritsez says:

hmm.. think i'd rather get a synology ds918 + 4 x 2tb wd red 4 bay desktop NAS unit, and a gopro. be around the same cost.

Deepesh Rao says:

You are a jerk

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