Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10+: Ultimate Camera Comparison!

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In this video, we give you a comprehensive look at Huawei’s P30 Pro camera versus the Samsung Galaxy S10+ triple-camera. The Leica quad-camera on the P30 Pro comes with an upgraded RYBY sensor and insane 50x zoom. So which camera smartphone is better? Are the four cameras just a gimmick? Watch the video to find out!

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Voiceover and Edit: Vaibhav Pradip
Music: Epidemic Sound

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Mike KH says:

S10+ actually way better than P30 Pro.


What does AI means?

unskipunski says:

Great! And how about the slow motion? Samsung (unfortunately) beats…:p

Felesi Vaki says:

Huawei p30 pro 🚀💪

§hąřpśhøõțëŕ says:

I'll be getting either the S10 or s10e, just for the wallpaper

Yura Klimkin says:

Samsung Galaxy!!

usa tube says:

Samsung s10 win

Papuc Nobiță says:

So, whichi is is better?

John carlos says:

P30 pro ❤️

Fayaz Wani says:

Which one should I buy mate 20 or p30 pro!!

Farhan Aan says:

Samsung the best

Pankaj Kushwah says:

Plz give me p30

Marko Erceg says:

S10+ because this is a phone not a huawei only good is a camera..

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