Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Comparison (in-depth)

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Huawei P30 Pro vs Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Comparison (in-depth)
Huawei P30 Pro Review:
Galaxy S10 Plus Review:

P30 Pro camera samples:

P30 Pro Video tests:


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2. Secondary camera:

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techline - Linus says:

These comparisons take a looooot of time to make (and I get a lot of weird looks while taking pics of everything in public). I appreciate your time watching it! Huawei P30 Pro Review: . Galaxy S10 Plus Review: Huawei P30 Pro camera samples:

yousif ali says:

P30 pro is actually very good but why it adds greenish tone to the sky? Is there any fix for that and makes the sky pure blue again?

Marijan Pablo Pavan says:

Galaxy S10+ overall. Wait for the bright night mode

For Real says:

Apple is in trouble at least in the first half of 2019 facing Samsung in the US, and Huawei in Asia, Europe and Middle East

Hype Wynn says:

Samsung is better on video and selfie while Huawei is on far picture and night vision. In my views, I prefer Huawei because it's super cool and make me feel like a spy😂😂

Az Am says:

S10+ over all

MR方MR方 says:

P30 Pro winner

HalesN9 says:

Red-face? Its look so bad for huawei video mode.

Szymon Mm says:

P30 pro has better photos, but worse video. Also sound is better on s10, but more windy?

M I C H says:

P30 pro overall good camera system.

Ernet says:

I saw many comparisons like that but this one is among the best. The conclusion is obvious for me: the P30 Pro's camera is much, much overrate IMO. I choose Galaxy S 10 Plus.

kirk yosores says:

P30 PRO is beast. Cant hide the fact that over all p30 pro wins from speed, finger printscanner, battery, camera and design. Hence, I give samsung for video shoot but I think huawei video software 4k60fps is coming soon and UI depnds on the user. I used both UI and there pros and cons on my experience but I give edge for more optimized UI.

PeDrO Velez Jr says:

Keep trying Huawei yall will get it one day 🤭Samsung is just the best!

Sgt. Lagger LP says:

I would have bought the P30 pro with Stereospeakers ..

Or Imagine a Huaweidevice with Snapdragon 855 .. than i would Not Care because mediaconsumption and gaming is my main part.

Harry vines says:

Huwaei paid u

priyesh rathore says:

S10 is love..😍😍

S6N 6F G6D says:

Your voice sounds like you are a Shady person. Sometimes.

Daniel Esimu says:

In terms of telephoto and Night shots this no comparison, P30 pro massacres the S10+.
But S10+ is the untouchable king overall.
Linus this is really detailed. Thanks for the time you invest into these videos man.

TechMagnet says:

Great video linas 🤟😊

MusZico13 says:

P30 pro produce weird colour on picture n vdeo..

Aslam Sumra says:

P30 pro for zooming pictures 👌👍
Overall s10 plus is best camera ❤️❤️❤️

bao z says:

which model you choice in videos ,there be 3 model in p30p,the colours will be different in each one

Nam Ngyen says:

S10+ is better natural color

AljeanT says:

Both phone offers great day light pictures. But low light is where it matters the most and the P30 Pro destroys the S10+ anyday. S10+ only real advantage is in video. I'll take pictures over video quality anyday

Karolina Wooz says:

S10 is better overall, P30 pro's advantage is only the ZOOM technology. Nothing else especially because Samsung is dropping an update for night mode soon. take note, p30 pro doesnt have 4k 60 FPS recording, sucks

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