Huawei P30 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S10 – CAMERA COMPARISON!

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A complete camera comparison between the Huawei P30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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In this video I put the cameras on the best phones available on the market to the test! P30 Pro VS the Galaxy S10!
Throughout this video you can check out daytime pictures and I’ve also included pictures taken with the Zoom lenses and the Ultra Wide Lenses and of course portrait mode pictures!
There are also some night time pictures that you can check out and sample videos and selfies! What phone do you prefer?

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Dr. Slash says:

In terms of camera overall comparing all scenarios p30 pro is better but in terms of phone i ll go with s10+ it is better phone overall

Dr. Slash says:

Plz do comparison of pixel 3 and p30 pro?

Chackthikone Phonepaseuth says:

S10+ for the best overall

Kon River says:

Samsung always hang

Kon River says:

P30 is better

dreasmeister says:

Great review. I ordered a P30 Pro after a long time Samsung run (S2 LTE, S5, S7edge) and am excited for most of its features. The Samsung is no doubt smoother in video pans on the S10 in 4k, which I hope is rectified with software update. These stuttering quick pans are an issue with my S7edge. Also, the P30 Pro seems to struggle in both video and photos with branches/leaves (ultra fine details) … perhaps an Autofocus issue. I will also try the HEVC codec as well as with my DJI Mobile 2 Gimbal to see if there is much of a difference. Personally, I am most excited about the ultra wide on the P30, despite it's 16mm vs 12mm focal length. The ultra wide angle on the P30Pro is more versatile as a macro lens. Samsung clearly lacks this feature. I was almost deadset on the latest Samsung but little things kept me from being loyal at this time. I might return to Samsung once the 5g version arrives here (or the Note 10) as Doha is actually a while up on the 5G coverage; it all depends however on the cost of the data and the allowance. The P30Pro is merely to hold me over until the near future. The cost here in Qatar is not so much of an issue at the time because it includes the Smart GT watch as well as 10gb data, which alone combined are worth a couple hundred dollars not counting the reward points spent. Super excited to take delivery.

My Way Hostel Dubrovnik says:


Andy Tjhin says:

I choose Huawei P30 Pro…

Clint Alejandrino says:

Are you using the latest firmware?

Give Me Some Money says:

Why does your hair style looks like a notch of an iPhone x?

For Real says:

I pick the P30 Pro because it's newer

Rick R says:

2:40 that mate20 case is awosome!

Ab Jaan says:

Isn't a big deal, situration color change it in edit , but how about the smooth detail on the picture

Lovenote says:

We still prefer the notch on your forehead brother.. nice review! 🙂 keep it up!

kamil2is says:

i have the huawei p30 pro fo a week!! its amazing, it has insane quality in dark!!!!! (actually much more even than my eyes) also the zoom is very good, as well as the macro!!!! much better than the s10plus.
also the phone is so fast!!! LOVE IT

Reza Reinaldi says:

18:9 video please

Mario Jozic says:

For me samsung ist bether but I must say huawei is really good and has super cameras now.but I like samsung more.

Brandon Sims says:

That unnatural blue sky color from the P30 is awful. And the S10 selfie cam is way better.

The Vleder says:

I like the way huawei capture the audio, it clearest than in the galaxy

putzz67767 says:

P30 is better.

Arshad Yakeen says:

Ur head look like iPhone notch

Dzony85 *PL* says:

S10 winner have btetter foto

Rio Winaryo says:

I don't trust samsung battery

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