Huawei P30 Pro vs Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max camera comparison: this changes everything

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This is possibly the most important #CameraComparison you guys have been waiting for. Will the #HuaweiP30Pro beat the #Pixel3XL and the #iPhoneXSMax? Do watch.

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Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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Luciano Cler says:

excellent video, so many details, modes and with very good examples! Congratulations! very very complete information!

Joe Chamberlain says:

Great video and just what I needed when I moved from the Pixel 2 XL! I don't feel so bad, and yes, loving the low-light shots

Daniel Llorente says:


Anubhav Tiwari says:


Anubhav Tiwari says:

It seems that u r paid by Huawei

Jai Bodoland says:

Pixel 3 xl best

Victor Valdez says:

Nice video but I don't understand that accent LMFAO

William Wen says:

iphone = overpriced loser

Mobile Legends says:

pixel 3 is beast even with only single camera.
i think if pixel will have triple camera on future, it will be the endgame.

Debd D says:

Que hace ese iPhone ahí

Invluo says:

12:00 P30 and Pixel are same video. Mistake or purposeful misinformation 😒

Abu Yussif says:

I think the Pixel's colour accuracy is great.

Sam Tpha says:

There're tons of disappointment in this phone P30 pro, i agree it took best xtreme low light pic wtih more detail but in medium lowlight or normal daylight .. it's not good enough imo.
Even a S8/N8 Gcam port can beat it in medium lowlight and good light (I owned all 3 phones).
Zooming also a big big thumb up from me, just when i took the moon shot both pro mode and night mode it's actually lost to normal shot + AI mode on, it's strange but after some research i know more about machine learning of Huawei's AI .. other than this issue i love this zoom features i can do many creative things with it.
Wide angle camera is .. garbage in term of dynamic range and Details. I have to delete most of the shot because of overexposed light and use main camera instead.
Point and shot on this phone .. is very hard if u pixel peep u can see .. motion blur.. even in goodlight wtf and have to shot again and again to get good pictures.
The color correction or whitebalance is very bad also. most of the time its not correct as my eyes can see.
The selfie camera .. is a disaster ! way way too soft and lost all the detail, even more horrible in lowlight. after using google camera i cannot use this trashy selfie cam.
The super macro shot is amazing thought, i love it.
The last thing i notice is Super Slow motion 960fps .. is not real ! it's upscaled lmao.
(other disappointments are not camera for example : There's no stereo speaker, only 1 speaker at the bottom > big thumb down from me. OS is kinda buggy with smart flip cover, sometime it wont show AOD)

kushal thakur says:

You need to add galaxy S10 plus in video

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