Huawei P30 Pro VS Galaxy S10 plus – lowlight camera comparison (not what you expected 🙄)

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The best camera phones for the first half of 2019, Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10+, are battling for supremacy. This is the second part of the comparison video, focused on lowlight performance. Hope you enjoy our comparison, and please leave a comment with your feedback and opinions on how we can improve our work.
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Pixel Peepers says:

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Virus The Gamer says:

Why p30 pro doesn't have 2-4 optical zoom , that's so weird :/

J TOEICer says:

Honestly, who takes 5x zoom photos at night?It's an unreal situation😂
So considering that point, overall the S10+ seems to do a better job!
I'm glad that you did this review with the Exynos variant because most S10+ reviews are just on the Snapdragon variant.

Vincent Mallari says:

I got the p30 pro and I compared with my friends s10 plus the photos are like photo shop too much saturation it's being post process not so realistic lmao but with the p30 pro hello reality

George Hayes Mobile Geezer says:

Excellent! And, surprising, as you said.

rusiru batuwatta says:

Both are better for me.. ❤️

Areg Melkumyan says:

Should I sell my s10e and galaxy buds(got from pre order) to get the standard s10?

mangbecak1 says:

Lol huawei….sigh. So many fake reviewers out there. How much are they being paid? The only good things are:
1) night camera
2) zoom
Neither of which are that particularly useful. 1) you lose the ambiance of the atmosphere. 2) you'll only use it 1 times in the whole time you have the phone.

Video is horrible (even after update).

Great review As always.

Sha WelZ says:

No more différence

Shahzod Jumayev says:

Keep going @pixelpeepers

Umer Khayyam Khan says:

Yet another good one. Agree with most of what you said, however, I was expecting it to be a much easier win for the p30 Pro. I must say I am impressed by Samsung S10+. In fact if you were to include video quality into the mix then well for me at least P30PR0 is a no go. Specially since other than the fact that not many people are interested in taking zoom photos or wide angle "shots in the dark" to start with, if you were to weigh low light video quality, stabilisation and main camera performance as opposed to the aforementioned, for me the later would bear a heavier importance.

Why did you not do the comparison with the 855 version of S10+?

Shahzod Jumayev says:

In video clear win for s10+. Thats matters for me.

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