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Which has the Best Camera? Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (S10+). I explore Paris with the P30 Pro & S10+ comparing Photos, Portraits, Zoom Lens, Selfies, Videos & More!
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Amir Ahmed Otta says:

First 10 seconds huawei p30 pro video sound quality is horrible.

Bramantya Putra Teja says:

P30 wins all category except microphone… and slowmo…

Noor Ali says:

You win more than huawi and samsung very cute guy🤩😂🤣

peppazfletcher says:

wow…The P30 Pro is better overall …have it go against the pixel 3

Ilya Elis says:

So to sum this up, Pixel 3 wins

2012ANONYMOUSA A says:


Nam Ngyen says:

S10+ are better colors

Diego Jose Ramos says:

Saw you taking this video from the other blogger haha.

Stefan Constantinescu says:

NO PERFECT PHONE . You chose what you need more :

S10 = Display, Speakers, Software, Video, Panorama photos ( way more optimised), Dynamic range, Fingerprint sensor, Autorotate sensor ( way more responsive), Headphone Jack, AOD ( way more options and versatility) , Resale value, Better image, Heart rate sensor, Darkmode , steady video, photo suggestion mode

P30 Pro = Zoom Camera (not just better but next level), Night Photos ( way way better), Battery life(20-30% Better), Battery charging ( way way faster), Connectivity (lte, wi fi, signal, bluetooth, gps etc amazing), ergonomics of buttons, No Bixby , Sharper photos, Born fast stay fast ( most Samsungs are lagging after a period of intesive use. Huawei is as fast as new)

I tried to be as objective as possible. Both AMAZING phones vs competition
I want to see One+ fans comparing their 6t or op+7 vs this 2 GIANTS … :)))

Timmy Trumpet says:

Prefer the results of vids and photos on the p30 pro

Boaz Siregar says:

Yu no show XIAOMI Camera? That said, agree to disagree!

alfprieto says:

11:20 that is not 40mp, should have looked extremely sharp, not kind of the same as the 10mp

Lane Welch says:

For anyone wondering, digital zoom always makes the photo blurry. It's like taking a picture and upsizing it bigger than it should be

eduardo cardona says:

Both look like shit

gavin Lambert says:

S10 plus video better by far

sensaznal says:

Anyone know Huawei p30 camera software have manual mode?

INDER Gaming YT says:

I saw mrwhoseheboss 😮

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