Huawei P30 Pro – Unboxing!

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Black Huawei P30 Pro unboxing and review / first impressions. Quick camera test and zoom test. Wowway!

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Gear to make this video:
Sony A6500 Camera:
Sony 16-50mm Kit Lens:
Sennheiser AVX ME2 Lav Mic:

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ltnleo31 says:

I want u to say very nice at the end of every video! 😂

Thanojan Parameswaran says:

It looks so much better with the matte finish look WITH the plastic one. I have a P20 Pro, but the shiny finish is tacky

Craig Street says:

China will use this product to steal any information they believe is useful to the government. Just like they stole the technology to create the phone in the 1st place. China u suck!!!!

Fordson Kayombo says:

I think s8 plus and lphone xs

Jose Marcus says:

if you havent owned an iphone then shut up.

Yash Panchal says:

Test it vs iphone 10 xs max

rahma mohammed says:

need this phone because my phone is broken and my phone is very slow and I want to win I love your channel ♡♡♡♡♡.

sharp fair says:

Тупой мудак. Чо телефон не кинул как всё остальное?

Imaad R says:

Veery noiceee

Ravi Babu MS says:

This fellow loves only back of the phone

PSNEWS Auditor-AZ says:

how to upload to computer?

Mastro King says:

Made in china…. no thank u

Richard Rafael Reyes says:

Do some backflip mate. it would be nice

Thunderhawk51 says:

That color looks actually pretty good. The bottom bezel is a little bit too thick and there's a notch too. And no stereo afaik. But those things aside, it's surprisingly decent phone from Huawei. Great camera.

Dado The King says:


XxOri :D says:

1:10 hebrew


U are so stuped by the way

feroz rahman says:

right miaw right miaw

Ho Wong says:

Impact test with Nokia 3210

Isabel Keogh says:

Have mine for more than a month loving it have no regrets buying tye breathing crystal colour

Kiran Kumar M says:

What about cost of mobile and looking nice

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