Huawei P30 Pro Unboxing – Is The Galaxy S10 In Trouble?

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Huawei P30 Pro unboxing. The P30 Pro represents Huawei’s latest flagship android device. The P30 Pro features a quad camera setup and high-end specs with a price to match. Huawei also released the P30 (non-pro) which represents a more budget friendly version of the P30.

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Unbox Therapy says:

Huawei P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10?

Darek Piechowicz says:

I would love to hear your opinion on Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition with 12GB RAM and 48MP+16MP+12MP Triple rear cameras, a 20MP AI front camera! Could you please do the review on that model.
Cheers mate. Happy Easter!

Dissakorn Chaikan says:

p30 pro better than s10+

Shaurya says:

where you can actually buy DSLR for 500$ .

Shaikh Amaan FM ☑ says:

Why we cant have your video about Nokia 9 Pureview..?

ItsWoody says:

Is it just me or should Android companies team together to make the ultimate phone?

Parmae says:

And people say android cameras are bad

Chubaca Muas says:

Next video; why I ditched iPhone.

Michael Rogers says:

I would get it if the chinese government wasn't putting spy tech in those phones.

Dare To says:

Trash,or Shit from China

Robert Robinson says:


Vivek M says:

We all know that this phone is better that the Galaxy s10 but afraid to admit it. ibullshit should not be even compared with these two devices

Pari Sibal says:

Where's the headphones jack ? Or it has airbuds ?

Gaming Duck says:

did samsung sell their edge design?

S. GUON says:

Huawei is 'premium phone' matching iPhone and Galaxy? … excuse me, are you kidding me?

carmelle says:

bUT iPhoNe is sTill bEtteR

أسرار عالم التقنية says:

Hi . Please send me a phone from you

.. I'm from Algeria and I dream of having a phone like this ..Please send me a phone from one of my owned phones

Be generous … Thank you

If you accept my order from you

Email me : [email protected]​​

stormbolt21 says:

Huawei "SPY PHONES"!

Nairuulagch says:

Hey Lew when you test the screen clarity and color do not show only your own videos with dull colors but please show beautiful nature and flowers etc. Maybe you take those special nature videos show those videos with that tested screens. You dull videos are ruining your whole review effort when you test the screens with inappropriate video choices!!!!!!!!

mena seven says:

Beautiful Huawei P30 phone and awesome camera.

dante munoz says:

Yea ur right its a good time to be a smart phone fan but a bad time to be a smartphone fan when ur broke😭😭

Emil Jensen says:

Xiaomi mi note pro ripoff in terms of design..

david parks says:

Here I go again, still watching another new release from the P10 to the P20 and P30 on my alcatel shine lite. Hope I don't get to watch P40 on same phone 😔..Nice phone good review BTW

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