Huawei P30 Pro Review: Optical Excellence!

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P30 Pro is the best phone not sold in the US. Battery champ and incredible camera. What more could you want?

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Wu Xuan says:

There is another EASIER way to take screenshot!! You can knock on the screen twice and it will take screenshot! And if you use your Knuckle to draw an S on the screen it will start screen recording.

Goober and Buddy says:

Spoken like a sir

Abdulkareem M. Zurmi says:

Can you do a VS video with the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the Huawei P30 Pro???

عبده محمد says:

ترجم عربي

TefkrosAirliner says:

OnePlus excels where Huawei fails and vice versa. Software is a huge mess, it's obvious they didn't invest in UX research whereas OnePlus software and OxygenOS rocks. Still waiting for the OnePlus 7 Pro. If they come up with a better camera than the 6T that'll be the phone of the year

icky wriggly hairy ugly spider from Natsuki's poem says:

I was going for a walk on the field and in the woods just the other day and then dear ran over the field apparently fleeing from me. They were maybe 100 meters away or 200, the lightings were perfect and I immediately took pictures but because they were too far away the pictures are merely good as evidence and I used a Moto Z2 Force. You can hardly even tell what animals those are. I would really like to take pictures like this that actually turned out well. I think this function is very useful for the average person.
My uncle has a normal big camera with really good zoom lense. He said that on concerts he can just stand really far in the back, he's taller than anyone else anyway and make good video like this. When there's a city skyline one can just stand in the distance and make perfect pictures of their favorite buildings and in just about every other situation I imagine it to be really cool, too. But I think the most useful it's probably indeed for animal photography. I would love to have a phone like this

Tommy T says:

I don't know how people get such better battery life out of phones than me

Cheelo Chinyundo says:

I actually don't like stock android. Emui is good but not great! Good though

Cheelo Chinyundo says:

Almost everyone by now has heard of Huawei

Parth ຸ says:

Markass Brown Pee remove your intro

박근우 says:

Their camera is a scam, Americans are smart for not bringing that phone to their land.

Benjamin Robinson says:

OK. I have had this handset for a week and I have to say its great. I have run with iPhone x iPhone xs note 9 pixel 2 etc etc and I love this. I am a techie guy and I phones have never had enough about them to keep me interested but I have to say for speed and reactivity they are great. This seems to cover both the iPhone speed and android greatness coupled with a great camera, not revolutionary but certainly better than most. The killer feature being battery life which is nothing short of amazing. I would recommend people. I have the black one as using for work but can't recommend it enough.

Raco says:

Tech Nibba
Like if you understand

Edit= this is not hating,it´s from ksi´s video

g00dfeeling says:

Nice T-Shirt but it isn't in MKBHD Merch?

Kennelas says:

Just love these tech reviews!

Gajender Choudhary says:

can you send me p30 pro

Mensch Meier says:

The most smartphones becomes a title like cars. There are small and cheap cars which are great if you just need something, buy Toyota or Honda. If you like some more fancy and are ready for pay these, buy a BMW or Mini or Golf GTI. If you have a real small penis, buy Mercedes AMG or Porsche and if you have some issues with your dad out of your childhood, buy a muscle-car, oldtimer or an old, black Mustand. Some have all in common: The cars are all good, drive secure and have no lack in developments.
Now you have a Motorola, HTC, Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi. Just pick one for your needs… all are fine.

Jerald james Biju says:

Not even missed a single video of you!……….Watching your videos for years…… a progress mate! And when I see improvements in your video it makes me so happy!

Micke B says:

is this one or samsung fold the better?

İbrahim Göktuğ ALHAN says:

5:56 "is this what you wanted"

Popoi Pugito says:

Your review starts bad!!, theres not even preview to viewers anticipating the camera zoom!! go study first!!!

f u says:

Im poor. I can only dream to buy this kind of phone even i can't effort a low budget smart phone my old smart phone will be dead permanently in some day's . 😂

xin van says:

hey marquee,can you test the fingerprint scanner on the p30pro?
I saw a video that said it could unlock with wet hand.
and they did many test that showed p30pro could unlock with wet hand.

Emma Fan says:

Why you pronounced it Wa Wei? It’s Hua Wei.

Faizal Fais says:

at last , u give more credit to huawei phone, unlike previously u are clearly bias upon commenting huawei phone

mr mBr says:

Kar98K +P30 pro camera ez kill haha😂

Tshepo Mokaedi says:

any review of motorola coming through anytime soon?

Stech55 says:

A phone by a company controlled by the destopian Chinese communist thanks

Deepak kumar Rai says:

Bro, please compare Nokia 9 pureview vs P30 pro vs pixel 3 in one of your future videos.

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