Huawei P30 Pro Hands-On Review: Superpower Camera Lenses

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The Huawei P30 Pro’s camera is like having Superman’s eyes. It can see in the dark, and zoom right in on objects much too far away to see clearly otherwise. The deeply impressive periscope zoom, and astonishingly capable night mode are only the start too, and we haven’t even talked about the battery or the color schemes yet.

Is this the best smartphone camera available today? Here’s our review.



In our studio:
BDI Coridor Media Console:

Video gear we use:
Panasonic GH5
Lumix 12-60mm Camera Lens
Sony A7iii
Sony E 50mm F1.8 OSS
Konova K3 Camera Slider
Godox SL-60W
Neewer 660 LED Video Light
Benro S6 Video Tripod

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Digital Trends says:

What appeals to you most about the P30 phone from Huawei?

Moroccan Wonders says:

Really confused….. P30 Pro or S10 plus…… Please advise.. Thanks

Curve Ahead says:

That's the phone I wanted but it wasn't 5G. Maybe the P40. (Fingers crossed for the ban.)

Hussin Sein says:

Mine Aurora Color 512 GB version + 128 GB nano SD card

Oscar Chavez says:

That doll is creepy!! Specially in the dark!!

Armstrong Chan says:

Wait until the Mate 30 pro, it will push to the next level, Mate series is the best model Huawei offer!

Happy Cupcake says:

That curved screen is just pointless and ugly.


#huaweiP30Pro 😍 ❣️ 👌

Geek Jawaid says:

Sir very nice review but video quality is not good I get stutters when panning camera can you do a full video recording review

Resttimeshow says:

IP53 is the rating given be careful

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