Huawei P30 Pro Camera Review | More than a telephoto gimmick?

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Review of the Huawei P30 Pro’s quad-lens camera, including that upgraded 5x telephoto lens for impressive zoom, and the new ToF lens. The hardware sure sounds impressive, but how’s the photo and video quality? Chris has been testing the P30 Pro for a few days now and here’s his final verdict on that camera tech.

The story around this 2019 flagship phone is of course the upgraded optics – Huawei has made quite a few tweaks compared with last year’s Mate 20 Pro, slapping in a new 40MP Super Spectrum primary lens with a wider f/1.6 aperture. This increased light sensitivity means better low light performance, at least in theory.

One aspect of Huawei’s smartphone cameras that’s now been nicked by many rivals is the tri-lens setup. You can switch between these three lenses at any time, to get a different viewpoint – there’s a 20MP UWA lens to capture a panorama effect with one tap, plus a funky new 8MP telephoto lens with an all-new periscope design.

And that’s not all, because you also get a Time of Flight lens – this can accurately measure the distance between the P30 Pro and whatever you’re aiming at, which could mean more accurate portrait shots.

Check out our unboxing of the new P30 handsets and stay tuned for our full review!


Anders Magnusson says:

Can the P30 Pro get 4k 60fps in an update?

Glenio Alsin Tan says:

what about sony xperia 1?

Paul Morran says:

Always value your well-informed but down-to-earth perspective on the latest phone camera tech 😄

Looked like 'only' that superzoom is a real advance here.

You're unfair to panorama functionality, which is still a valuable adjunct to a wide lense 🤨

Paul Morran says:

Huh – on my Honor 8X there is certainly a prominent AI toggle – nothing new there?

uxzh says:

No one mentions the super macro mode. Use a lower resolution with it and it's insane, I don't know if you've used it much

Jp Taljaard says:

Not to be a buzz kill. When will we be seeing the Huawei p30 lite review??

Willow McGregor says:

Thoughts on the video?

Mr Duncan's vlogs says:

Still saving up for the P20 pro that will do me justice I have the p20 lite not liking it not one bit with no Leica lenses

Jaafar Al Hayki says:

the color is insane

Karolina Grobelna says:

Bad opinion about the phone comes from the owners or the watchers? I own the phone and can say that it is a feature not a gimmick for sure.

Paul Shakeshaft says:

Colours that completely inaccurate with this new sensor no reason the main manufacturers of camera sensors, will not use this stupid array of r y b.. and the telephoto lens is not sharp at all, I have use this and it's not that good.. definitely a gimmick at the moment…

Dafydd R says:

Yet another great video Chris… cheers bud

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