Huawei P30 Pro Camera Review everything you need to know about the camera Full HD

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This is my camera review of the Huawei P30 Pro. Further reviews of the camera will occur as and when newer updates improve matters.

40mp Wide Angle Lens f/1.6 with OIS
– 20mp Ultra Wide Angle Lens f/2.2
– 8MP Telephoto f/3.4 OIS
– ToF Sensor – Time of Flight

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Eric Minder says:

There is no 16/9 still picture size available !! …. do you think they will add this possibility with a next FW ? thank you.

Joe Doe says:

How do you engage image stabilisation? Its quite shaky

tuhin koley says:

compare it with Nokia 9 pureview pls least picture quality ..both auto jpegs and raw photos of both the phones …you can do s/w comparison when nokia will get an update..

Ami says:

Loved your review , would you pls do zoom video again after firm upgrade for stabilizatione, and maybe video of some ant or other small things in zoom?

Ammar Khan says:

hello gavin sir
Your given review is very good
i am big fan your review ..

but i asked some queries about this phone
1. huwaei asked camera is ;———–.40 MP (Wide Angle Lens, f/1.6 aperture,OIS) + 20 MP (Ultra Wide Angle Lens, f/2.2 aperture) + 8 MP (Telephoto, f/3.4 aperture,OIS)
. and TOF

2. you are showing photo resolution (4:3) 20 mp (1:1) 15 mp

what is diffrences

its actual main camera are 40 mp censor ? like mate20 pro

3. how many type assertive grid , have option like phi grid, Fibonacci sprial gird

and which is best mate 20 pro and p30 pro in camera comparison

I'm looking for a good camera phone Because I am a person related to art.

I love photography.
and painting sketches creative work ..
But I do not have such a budget that I can buy such a phone.

i have used last 3 year oppo F1s
i have nikon D5200 and P900 but do not have camera ..Then take photos from the phone

i requested please giveaway to me huwaei mate 20 pro or huwaei p30 pro
as you wish ..No matter if you will not give it, Still will not stop watching your videos..

my instagaram profile is

CHRL Mlln says:

Again a big THANK to you, dear sir, for one more of your excellent reviews! Your review gave me much helpful and good information, before my purchase! Wishing you all the Very Best! Best Regards from Sweden!

Robin says:

Audio is fantastic.

Robin says:

At 10:00, front camera video in dark, it's impressively smooth.

The RaRa85 says:

I guess you're holding off on the Nokia 9 Pureview camera review? Understandable. The new beast is here.

Arni says:

Firmware will very likely popup when you connect your M30pro to HiSuite via USB and check for updates but won't OTA. That's what I and many others experienced.

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