Huawei P30 Lite: Hands-on review and Camera samples

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Host: Sreehari
Editor: Nitesh

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jireh tumba says:

Funny and useful

Soumya Chatterjee says:

Battery not enough

Tilprasad Rijal says:

Which is best camera centric smartphone? Samsung Galaxy a50 or Huawei p30 lite

bhard khid says:

Processor from 2yrs ago….. thank you next

SK R6 says:

M30 is a better option than this

Irfan Bhat says:

Okay i know why u guys are here…

This phone is not good enough for PUBG

Fawas Afsal says:

Make a video on gaming,speed test of p30 lite… highly appreciate your hardworks for making videos

vishal chirag says:

If ur face had tad more oil m sure America would attack u.stay safe

gavin moras says:

Not convinced

Yaqoob Dar says:

Honor 8x vs P30 lite and P30 lite vs Note 7 Pro

Divyansh Sehgal says:

Redmi note 7 pro vs p30 lite

Suhento Sung says:

Samsung A50 better than this…

Red Pink and twice says:

If only they could have gave better processor

Satyendra Kumar says:

When will they stop using 2MP camera 😂😂🤣🤣

Arvind Bakshi says:

No Amoled = No purchase.

Akash Shukla says:

Venue of launch event ?

Kartik Kaushik says:

If you want to buy it…wait for 3-4months…than it's price will surely decrease

AiO Tech says:

Over priced

Chaitu krissh says:

POCO F1 over this anytime 😇

Abhik Ghosh says:

The battery is a bit low.. So i would like to see a battery drain test with note 7 pro and A50

Dharwin sandanaraj says:

i wish compare huawei p30 lite with samsung a50, one plus 6t, or anyother same category phone


So, Mr. Phone again skips the screen size. No mention of micro USB/type C , Port placements, headphone jack , etc. Disappointing again. 😑

Nagendra Babu says:

Plz do camera review p30 lite vs Samsung A50

Himanshu Kumar says:

Nothing is better than SAMSUNG

Gopi Krishnan says:

It would be interesting when priced under 15,000 category ✌

Jay B says:

Is it just me……or he is somewhat identical to Arijit Singh🤔

Starbucks Hero says:

Plastic phone for 20k , no thanks.

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