Huawei p20 pro vs Canon 5D SR – Camera comparison (Mind blowing results)

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The camera on the p20 Pro is just out standing… the quality of the images are almost the same as a 3000$ camera.
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ทีเด็ด เฮียเป้า says:

5555 ไอ้พวก DSLR หัวควย

Edy kurniawan says:

Talk to much

Vadim Selyutin says:

Лайк за шампунь с Дракошей 🙂

Sutlore Keng says:

Too much Chromatic Aboration on P20Pro. The image quality does not look the same at all.

Tarzocin says:

Did he mention what lens and what aperture were using on 5DSR? I don't think there's smartphone with such size of sensor which can come closed to 5DSR, not even M3/4 in terms of image quality.

JZ VR says:

Huawei P20 Pro is a beast!!

Rnr Techno says:

Good but you have less knowledge on That particular smartphone.. first of all that telephoto lens time is not a 2x it's 3X

PrinCez EditzS says:

This is best comparison …. awesome Brow keep going

Pro VS Noob Gaming says:

First of all it has a telephoto lens which is not 2x its 3x optical zoom

Kerala Diaries says:

Nice review


Good work! Please compare samsung as well thank you

Kumar Jk says:

Nice comparison thanks bro

michael perena says:

High megapixel with small sensor is a recipe for disaster. Ever wondered why full frame cameras are expensive

bluefrancis14 says:

Wait, are you just reading the article from petapixels?

new2diving says:

This is an extremely misleading comparison. How can you compare 100% crops when the amount of scene captured is different ?

Divya Aravind says:

Is huawei P20 pro available in india ??🤔

Iftikhar says:

A smartphone camera can't be replaced with a DSLR you can't get a shallow Dept of field in videos on a smartphone, you can't shoot RAW on smartphones and the DSLR sensor is way more big than a Smartphone sensor. Smartphones will never gonna replace DSLRs

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