Huawei P20 Lite Camera Review – Watch before buying !

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The Huawei P20 Camera Review is here ! Full camera test with samples. Huawei P20 Lite case: *
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The next-generation handset – believed to be named OnePlus 6 – will be powered by the top-of-the-range Qualcomm SnapDragon 845, OnePlus has confirmed. Elsewhere, OnePlus 6 looks set to follow a growing trend amongst Android smartphone manufacturers and incorporate an iPhone X-style notch into the edge-to-edge display.
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Voice V4 says:

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how cute this dude is? Thank you.

Also, nice review.

Cinar Ioan says:

You look like Andy from "What's with Andy?"

Yirando says:

p20 lite doesn't have electronic stabilization at least? seems a nice phone, but im thinking maybe in a p30 lite, mate 20 lite or samsung A50

Sofija Djuric says:

Thanks man,I thought to buy it or no,because I need a good camera,and I decided to buy this phone but if everything is pretty good.Batery is,memory is,everything is but I didn't saw how camera works.Now I saw it,so I am definitley buying this phone
(And I'm sooooo sorry for my bed English😕,I'm from Serbia)

helo helo says:

How do you have a 3d panorama mode? I haven't got, why?

jete says:

why is my camera so grainy on my p20 lite?

b says:

P20 lite or samsung galaxy a7(2018)?

Brandon Brends says:

Review Snapchat Quality !!

Lara Jovanovic says:

you don't know how to use huawei p20 lite camera bro.-.

Bonginkosi says:

Poor cat🤣🤣

Javier Alonso Samamé Arrieta says:

The selfie camera in the night suck! I have one and really suck.

Girl From the space says:

Camera is amazing.If you don't like it,buy professional ….

KenmaeGaming YT says:

4:43 This cat… makes me laugh 😂

Jake Amador says:

I got mah new phone Huawei P20
For 15kPHP hahaha

Paul Sweeney says:

Are/were you in the wiesn park?
I have to go back.
Super jealous!
At least I'm getting a P20 lite tomorrow as replacement for my old phone, and the best thing is I didn't have to pay for it!
I'm looking forward to taking some half decent night sky shots.

bobby Jimenez says:

I do have this phone and s8 plus
Pro : amazing camera both rear and front (selfie)
Cons :
Video cam for some reason not good
Viewing YouTube is sometimes pixelated
My eyes hurt even using eye comfort feature
For some reason I cant connect to Bluetooth to my car jvc unit ( even my son honor 5)
Sounds not that good
Can be laggy….
Just my honest opinion and experience

TᕼE ᗷEᗩᖇ ᗷOY says:

I like you more then phone

XV II says:

why your camera can recognize a cat while me cant btw im using Huawei P20 Lite

Rick Hardt says:

4:44 lol

LukaMasterz says:

Is anyone really gonna pop a tripod whenever and where ever they feel like snapping a picture?

Samim Pawar says:

Blur hai kya photo mein

superioryena says:

''reasonabely good'' LOL CUTE

Lattecat says:

good video, thanks

bombingbloke says:

i dont understand half of what this guy is talking about but i want it!

Khalil Saada says:



Does the phone have front flash

Josip Puran says:

a jebem ti mater jazavac kaj seres mob je bgggutala

emmaaa84 says:

Which one is better for the camera iphone 6 or huawei p20 lite ?

Yordana Mckinnon says:

Oh you cute cute

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