Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs Sony Xperia 5 vs Sony A7 III – Video Camera Test Comparison!

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The Huawei Mate 30 Pro camera finally supports 4K 60 Video ! But how close comes a smartphone like the Mate 30 or the Sony Xperia 5 keep up with professional cameras like the A7 III ?
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Кирилл Лаухин says:

Выключил после сравнения слоумо… У меня хz premium снимал на уровне p30, бред…

Jack Manvakov says:

now the popular sentence in CHINA, only children make selection adults ,of course want to own it all

leaf ism says:

Damn i wish sony released xperia 5 here in Philippines 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Dora Foo says:

The DOF adapter is available on Amazon, link is

mouad talbi says:

my xperia xz1 can use 960fps but xperia 5 can't? 🤔 weird
huawei look more stable while shooting videos

Daniel Santosa says:

Sony Xperia 5 only 120FPS? Not FullHD or HD 960FPS?

faisalhaider007 says:

Color reproduction, tone balance and stabilization. Only iPhone is challenging Huawei this year in camera comparisons. Period.

it's me says:

For me Sony Xperia 5 is better

ijon net says:

Waoww amazing, very good my video thanks you

Sawada Yan-fu says:

Sony is the winner!

Innosaint Nwoke Chinedu says:

With all the public impressions, when you hear HUAWEI MATE 30 PRO, you'll think the Xperia 5 would get bullied in the comparison.

But it turns out sony just gets put down from too much public hate at afterall. No much differences in real results anyways.

I didn't know the Xperia 5 had no 960FPS slomo though… Hmm

Peter Fuchs says:

Sony wins only in a bit of color reproduction on hw side, but otherwise it stand no chance against huawei.
40mp RYYB big sensor, 40mp rgb big sensor, 3x zoom, Best hw processing, sw processing also refined as the best flagship should have. Mate30pro's 10mp is like from mirrorless detail/noise wise, HDR made from 10+ shots, night mode capable of shooting milky way handheld,… that kind of processing +superwide similar big hi res sensor, or tele camera – all produces results better than Mp suggest phone can do. As bonus full res 40mp shots are the most useful hi res shots out there, great colors, mate30pro 40mp kind of detail, no noise.
Simply, mate30pro is the most useful phone camera no matter what fov, right now.

Jeffin Thomas says:

xperia 5😍😍😍

Mohammad Sumon says:

mate 30 pro♥♥

Chaotic Massachusett says:

In terms of camera quality Huawei takes the W but general people like me who likes snappy ui and a camera which will gets the job done, would pick Xperia 5.

XPERIA 1 EMU says:

Xperia 1 is the best phone available😎 I chose it over Galaxy Note 10 Plus & iPhone 11 Pro because phones with notches & punch-holes on screen is disgusting!

Amar M'Rad says:

Mate pro ..

Dieh Beites says:

No one commented Martin bum I am disappointed.

Felix Niemann says:

Sennheiser Momentum 3 vs Sony 1000 xm3 which has better sound?

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