Huawei Mate 30 pro VS Mi CC9PRO/Mi Note 10 Camera Comparison

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Samu Chauhan says:

Thanks iske liye

Mohammad Saifi says:

Mate 30 pro,🙂🙂🙂🙂


Thanks bhai for comparison 👍

Sd Sajid says:

mate 30pro image bahut clarity super 👌
But price ke hisab se cc9 pro ❤️❤️❤️

korpola balaji says:

27mp camera I guess it uses pixel binding to produce 108mp photos

Akash Bharti says:

Thank you so much sir for giving camera review 🙏

Deepak says:

Bhai dono hi achhe h khi mate30 jyada achha h to khi cc9pro

irfan mansuri says:

Finally cc9 pro is best in camera becoz price of cc9 pro is 30k and mate 30 pro is 60k so cc9 pro is best option

Subhan Kumar says:

Bahat acchha takkar dia hai mi cc9pro be

Aryan kumar says:

I am waiting for cc9pro

rishab J says:

Nice comparison

5 STAR MEDIA says:

Zoom test karoooo plzz

Aniket Dutta says:

Vai cc 9 pro bohot hi bariya hai Xiaomi sach mai kamal hai
Vai thanks for this video

uzair peshmam says:


jitendra jaiswar says:

good comparison sir love it👌

gaurav sarkar says:

selfies look washed out and lacks Dynamic range in cc9 pro

Chandrakant Ahirwar says:

# Atiuttam camera comparing

Robin Tomar says:

Mate 30 pro clear and natural h

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