Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro vs OnePlus 7T Camera NIGHT MODE Comparison Test

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This is a Epic Camera Comparison of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro Camera vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera vs OnePlus 7T Pro Camera. Night Mode is the focus here since all of these cameras have a dedicated night mode. Think about this as a great OnePlus 7T Pro Camera review for night time and also Apple iPhone 11 Pro Camera review for night mode. More Huawei Mate 30 Pro Camera reviews coming soon!

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Danny Winget says:

Who won this Night Mode Camera Comparison? Huawei Mate 30 Pro? OnePlus 7T? Or the Apple iPhone 11 Pro?

Sss 94 says:

Iphone 11 pro ♥️♥️

Shofa Abdillah says:

Iphone 👎

Mohamad Aiman Roslan says:

599$ OP 7t impressed me a alot . It completely can challenge IP 11

Nagaraja Rao says:

Oneplus 7t is the best

Hao Zhong Lee says:

Great job bro

David Mijan says:

Mic in Huawei and iPhone similar
But the 1+ is creepy

TheAhmedmlk says:

Mate 30 pro

Jay Adam says:

All i can see is the ip11 pro is better in every aspect here. They implement what night mode really is. Yes the other 2 is a bit brighter but they failed to maintain the true color. You can see most of lights and reflections looks whitish and bluish. I think note 10+ is the only phone that can compete the ip11pro.

Krzysztof Biernaś says:

Huawei Is More Natural

Swaminathan Guru says:

Wow, totally impressed with OP7T .

岁寒然后知松柏之后凋也 says:


Marios Garoufos says:

Mate of course!!! Monsters

Juan Francisco Martín Lozano says:

They are all a little different, they are all a bit the same. .

Afzal Aulia says:

I love the Night Scene On OP7T 🔥

Jawad Khan says:

IPhone is best

Kevin Davis says:

Very nice video, thanks.
I’ll definitely take the iPhone out of these, but I would have rather seen the Pixel 3 in this comparison instead of the Oneplus 7t.

Hey look, the Chinese army is here for the comment section, Lmao. 😂

Ata Thuluo says:

I thought iPhone would have nailed it but no mate 30 is a king in the dark

苏晓飞 says:

Hi guys shot in dark represents the quality of a camera? The more important is better photography quality in day, so I prefer iPhone 11 more

Sujeet K.C. says:

7T owned here

Imran Khan says:

Huawei mate 30 pro king ❣️

taranpreet Singh says:

Mate 30 pro is best
And i am seeing this video on huwaei phone

Trump Putin says:

iPhone 11pro 👌 Mate 30👌

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