Huawei Mate 20 Pro VS Full-frame DSLR Camera full comparison (ENG sub)

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As a popular phone recently, Huawei Mate 20 Pro surely has some attractive specs on paper. So does these modern phones can be used as serious photography?

Gears in the video:
HUAWEI Mate20 Pro:
Canon 6D+24-105 STM lens:

Gears we used to film this video:
Canon 5D4:
Canon 24-70 f2.8 II:


Sonia Vasquez says:

The Best ever Phone in the World. Huawei 20 Pro & Mate 20 Pro. Chinese zest you're the best, go ahead.

Shyam Shrestha says:

Huawei is always the best, can I call my gf through canon😅😅😅

figaro mash says:

Hey, someone copy my ex-nickname on Gsmarena and say that your video isn't creditable, I think you should spend some time explain to him. I am tired.

Joseph Rossi says:

OK … Huawei is far better than Canon 6D ….. I'll be proud to recycle your DSLR, you could send it to me…. think about that option.. 🙂

Javier Mora says:

Color science? That was bad exposure in your dsrl

Sen Super says:

DSLR is better for sure.

wksoh says:

DSLR is better – but one must be prepared to bear the weight and size of camera + lens. Also DSLR is fast becoming an extra piece of equipment since mostly everyone's got a cell phone.

fat bo says:

she has 3 poses under her resume

Onur Akar says:

Hay huy ne diyorsun lan bizde Orta Asyalıyız koçum 🇹🇷


You can make Next clip huawei p30 pro with full frame camera. I like Huawei!

lester herman says:

Try edit that photo in lightroom & see how much the diffrent compare to dslr photo and phone photo. That 3 small camera sensor on phone cannot compare to big sensor on dslr.

lapattemar says:

Very condescending attitude. I guess he thinks he is funny.

Oliver Ongos says:

Waiting for Huawei's P50😅
Let see✌✌✌

Eugene Wangchuck says:

In this video, Canon 5D4's output is far better than others.

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