How to Choose Your Beginner Video Camera (for Filmmaking)

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Jake from B&H shares useful advice on how to choose a camera for the budding filmmaker. From prosumer camcorders to digital cinema cameras, he discusses the features of each and emphasizes the importance of selecting a camera that best suits a particular style of shooting. Check it out!

Cameras Featured:

Prosumer Camcorders

Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras

Documentary Cameras

Digital Cinema Cameras

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Jesse Mendez says:

You can afford to buy a really expensive camera but you only have less than 5 minutes to talk about them. What a crock of $hit….

LightBetweenBranches says:

What about independent film looking for the color range of HDR (thought HD was separate, but online they make if confusing!) on a budget
Also be best for editing?


the only reason u made this video is to put as many affiliated links as bloody possible, for God's sake

ClassicExampleBand says:

If you are a beginning filmmaker, I doubt you want to spend 10 grand on a camera…

Mark V says:

this guy looking like he made one of the best art movements with a tragic backstory


What do you think about the lumix g7

Данило Иванчевић says:

Which type of camera should i use for amater music videos, dslr or….?

R Puello says:

What camera did you use for the video in the parts with the reddish orange color background?


I am trying to look for a camera that would be good for recording guitar covers and maybe occasionally skateboarding stuff with a budget of like $600 can anyone help?

Peter Hack says:

Best advice. Write down half a dozen ideas for what you're going to do make with it. Fifty years ago I bought a clockwork Bell and Howell camera for ten quid. You bought a fifty foot of film which recorded 25 feet on one side then you reversed it and used the other 25 feet. (It was 16mm wide.) It was known as Standard 8. No modern fancy camera with umpteen facilities could give you as much fun. Its ideas that count. And editing was real. With scissors and film cement. My wife made the titles with a roll of wallpaper. THAT was real film making. The camera was second hand.

Why We Love Film says:

Okay, quick question… What do I do if my Dad isn't Jeff Bezos or Jamie Diamond and I can't afford any of these? What would you recommend for someone who is trying to get the most bang for their buck?

Aaron Lewis says:

what about making films or short films for beginners, or does that fall in with documentary's

SPEED GEN. says:


Whysodiffrent ???? says:

My parents want me to do a YouTube channel (because I want to) but cameras are to expensive😅

Baerlux Music says:

Ginger Daniel Radcliff is sexy.

synon9m says:

what if you want to make Sergio Leone style wide lens shots what camera would you use

Alex Kender says:

I'm looking for a video camera for my 9 year old son. Can I have some ideas under 700$?

proper proper says:

How about shooting short films?

Eggy Productions says:

I just use my iphone

Maylani Nguyen says:

Isn't this video from the channel Canon Australia? Why is it on your channel?

RichRay Films by DJ Sharp Beats says:

What do you think about the Zcam?

Shannon S says:

Soooo what about music videos? I'm assuming the recommendation would be the cinema cameras which look way out of my budget. Can't I use a mirrorless to start out with? I don't think it would come out that bad especially if I'm just starting out.

TavinTyrone says:

…or use a high quality phone camera.

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