How to choose the perfect camera

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So, how do you pick the right camera for you? There are so many camera options to buy that it can be very hard to choose the perfect one. In this episode of Workflow, Becca Farsace shows us how she chooses the right camera for each situation.

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Sony RX100 Mark IV:
Canon G7X II:
Lumix LX100 II:
Canon 5D Mark III:
Sony Alpha A7S MKII:

Read more about these tips here:

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The Verge says:

What’s your favorite camera?

YourTechGuy says:

Nice video, but honestly even 20 dollar canon d300 with 40 dollar lens can outperform most phones

Nic Pachunka says:


Taylor Maio says:


Hariom Vyas says:

Well seeing your old episode. I thought you bought S9+ but you have S9 in your hand.

YouTube Girl says:

Truth we would all buy a Leica

Bello Alaba says:

please what camera do you suggest I get to be able to a shoot freestyle videos ?

starlyn says:

Does anyone have a recommendation if I have $500 and want a camera that also films? It doesn't have to be professional but just better than the average phone. I want to start an online business one day.

Maarten Blij says:

Between the Sony RX100 series and the Canon / sony camera's, there is a LOT of choice. Like, a lot a lot.

Bruno Abreu says:

Ok. I would do pretty much the same modification you have done to get the perfect camera. Guess what?! Back in 2015, Panasonic almost did it! With the GM-5, coupled with an Panasonic Leica 15mm you get pretty close the ideal camera.

BlazingSerenade says:

You don't need a DSLR to start shooting, just pick up a Diana off Ebay and start shooting

chemicalsam says:

Just get a starter canon kit

Yoan Mitov says:

Nowadays you can get an excellent (APS-C) camera for less than a $1000 (or 500 used). And good lenses don't have to cost more than a grand either.

Aleksander Sukiasov says:

I have bought Canon M50 + Neewer 35mm F/1.7. That's exact the same lens, shown at 4:43. Very happy with both camera & lens.

Jon Masters says:

You described a dream camera very similar to a Sony a6000/6300/6500. I've been rocking an a6000 since it came out and I am still very impressed by it.

zoheb saikia says:

Great video as always…Verge is just top class.

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